Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ballet Day

Well, the fun has begun. I think they were up at 5 something o'clock filled with dreams of their first ballet lesson that would teach them all the delicate moves they have seen on Twelve Dancing Princesses.

Lillie-8 years old.  Ballet slipper size 5 1/2.
Rose-7 years old.  Ballet slipper size 1.
Zellie-5 years old.  Ballet slipper size 11 1/2.
Vianney-4 years old.  Ballet slipper size 10.
Wanting so badly to go and do a "Pea-A."  She knows the terms.  Clairvaux-2. 
Chubby 4 year old thighs. 

Vianney trembled a few times.  She held tight to her sisters.

She is now asking herself, "Why did I want to do ballet so bad?"

Rose was a natural.  She always is when it comes to anything athletic.
Vianney practicing her moves when she thinks no one is watching.

They loved their first practice.  I contacted the Dowd Irish Dance Academy as I think we would prefer them to learn this style of dancing, but for now this is too precious for their parents not to do.  John called twice wanting up-dates. 


  1. Beautiful! I have two little boys but am contemplating putting the older one into ballet. He has the most beautiful feet and a great body for it.

    ...that being said, and speaking from experience Irish dancing is probably much more healthy. :)

  2. I hope one day we can afford to put our girls in ballet. I have always thought that form of dance was very beautiful.

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  4. Oh our newly 5 year old would love to do ballet! We will probably enroll her in some classes next year. We are thinking about Irish dancing too. Dance is such a tricky good and wonderful when done right, so problematic when not.
    Cuteness overload!!

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