Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Prayers for baby Priya Steiner

I am begging all you wonderful people in the blog world to please pray and sacrifice for this sweet little girl. I met her mother last year at a conference and we had so much in common as she has 5 girls. I just loved her. We received word last week that their baby, 14-month old Priya, was diagnosed with cancer. It is very serious and she needs so many prayers and sacrifices. Priya's parents are wonderful, God-centered people who do so much for God's kingdom. I hope we can just flood them with our prayers and sacrifices. Every time I look at this picture of her my eyes well up with tears for what she is suffering at such a young age and what her dear parents are suffering.  I hope we can walk this walk with them in our prayers.  Thank you so very much.

A note written by Priya's father:

 Approximately three weeks ago, we began noticing that our youngest daughter, Priya (14 mos), was a bit fussier than normal. She wasn't sleeping as well at night, and she became more clingy during the day. She also became pickier about what she would eat, and she began to grind her teeth. It seemed to us that she may be teething, perhaps in combination with one of the numerous viruses floating around. When we first noticed that her tummy seemed slightly swollen about two weeks later, we initially thought it was rather cute. At this age, with the rate at which little ones grow, who really pays attention to the shape of a pudgy little infant? But her pleasant and easy-going disposition continued to decline, and on Monday night, April 1, 2013, we noticed for the first time that her breathing was abnormally rapid and shallow. So we decided it was probably time to get an antibiotic for the ear infection we assumed she had. On Tuesday (April 2, 2013) at 8:30am, we scheduled an appointment to see the doctor later that morning. At the appointment, our PA determined that something was amiss in Priya's abdomen and sent us immediately to the ER at St. Elizabeth's Hospital for X-rays. The X-rays showed a large amount of fluid in her right lung, and the initial diagnosis was that Priya had pneumonia, and that she should be treated with antibiotics and stay the night. But the ER doctor also ordered an ultrasound, which seemed to take an unusually long time. As it turns out, it's a good thing he did [order the ultrasound] and that it did [take a long time]. For when the doctor returned, he informed us that Priya had a mass in her abdomen, and that she would need to be transferred to Children's Hospital in Omaha, NE, since Children's has resources to diagnose the mass and to treat it that exceed what is available in Lincoln. It's still Tuesday, and we arrived at Children's that evening at around 7:00. By Wednesday morning (April 3, 2013), Dr. Gnarra confirmed that the mass was cancerous, and biopsies were ordered to determine just what kind. On Friday, a sufficient number of the pathology reports had come in to make a provisional diagnosis that the cancer in Priya is an Undifferentiated Sarcoma (see the earliest post in the Journal: "What's Going On Inside Priya?"). Numerous of you, our friends, have suffered great trials before us. Thank you for showing us how to remain steadfast in the midst of uncertainty and loss. Because of the way God has used you to shape our lives, we are not in shock, or naive to the gravity of this situation; but neither are we afraid or resentful. We invite all of you to join us in hopeful prayer that Priya will be healed. St. Peregrine, patron of cancer victims, pray for us.
  Five Ps in a Pod; August, 2012. Oldest to youngest: Piper, Paisley, Poppi, Posie, Priya.

* Here is the link to her CaringBridge website: 

 *Here is the link to sign up to pray for Priya around the clock: 

 You can sign up for a slot even if they are all taken.  The family will update each slot when they are able.  Thank you.


  1. Oh, God love that poor little baby! I just lost my beloved husband to cancer two weeks ago, and the pain is awful--I can only imagine the fear these parents must feel! It sounds as though they have great faith however, and that is a true blessing. I will pray for baby Priya and ask Mother Mary to hold her in her arms.

  2. priya and family will be in my family's prayers. i will also share with other prayer warriors.

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  4. I'm praying as well. What a testimony of faith and trust this father has in our Heavenly Father. Lord Jesus, please heal Priya and give your mighty and endless strength to her and her family as they carry through this trial. In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit we pray. Amen.

  5. Praying for sweet Priya and her family. I am a survivor of a childhood sarcoma and know what an evil disease it can be. Many prayers....

  6. I have been praying for and thinking about Priya and her family since reading her story this morning. May Our Blessed Mother wrap her mantle around all of them.

  7. Lindsay-
    I'm not sure how to pass this information along to the family, but there is a really great foundation called LisaMom (home base is Lincoln) that is run by UNL students but has a ton of professionals and academics as their advisors and on their board (so don't let the "student" part put up red flags. I serve on the board and am continually impressed the their committmet and work to the foundation; many have lost parents due to cancer and now are seeking to help others. LisaMom seeks to provide nanny services, cleaning services and meals to families undergoing cancer - either mother, father or child currently with cancer or for a family that may have just suffered a loss due to cancer and the now single parent needs an extra pair of hands. All services are free and the family gets to pick their nanny. You might want to pass this info along???

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  9. Prayers for her from our family, too!!

  10. Praying for that sweet little one and her family.