Thursday, October 14, 2010

This really is one of those posts that I was flipping through pictures and found randomness and just want to post them because I want to remember. When Lillie gets into a book, SHE GETS INTO A BOOK. We laugh because I tell John that at certain points in the day when several of them are reading at once it sounds like a Muslim Mosque during prayer time. There is this low chat or hum, as you will, throughout the living room. Lillie and Rose read out loud for some reason and it is pretty cute to hear them flying through the chapters (out loud).

Oh, Poor Clairvaux. Do you see the twinkle in Vianney's eye?

These Cherry Picking pictures were from the beginning of summer, but it was such a delighful time we had over at John's parents. Zellie didn't participate much, but was content to practice her Irish Step Dance moves while watching us labor away.

Vianney thought this owl was real. She kept saying, "Berd, Berd." Okay, hold the Berd, you goof.

The kids went with grandma to pick apples last week.

How is Zellie one of the "Big" kids? You know, the group that gets to go places while the littles stay back with mama.