Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just had a few friends over...

I couldn't get all the children in one picture.  
Life is beautiful.  Just think about all the generations that will come from each of these children. Literally, hundreds of people.  Fascinating to think about.

 I forgot to post this last month. We are much better at throwing parties when they are last minute. We were driving home from Mass and I mentioned to John that we should have a BBQ.   He could have 500 people over every night for supper so of course he was game. We made a few phone calls and within hours almost 50 children (some not pictures as they are in utero or brand new babies) and 14 adults arrived. The kids ran wild while having the time of their life having so many kids to play with. John remarked after the evening was over that he feels like heaven will be like this all the time. True. True. Pure happiness all the time.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Field Trip-St. Peter's Catholic Church with Fr. Schultes

Our homeschool group took a field trip on Friday to tour certain aspects of St. Peter's Church. Fr. Schultes led the tour and explained many of the sacramentals you see in church, but aren't quite sure of their purpose or function. The kids learned so much. Dominic mentioned several times how much he learned and enjoyed the field trip. He commented several times how he hadn't known why certain items where placed about the church. I later told John how powerful the role of priest can play in the lives of children. For a pretty intellectual field trip, the kids all sat perfectly still and listened as Father explained about the chalice, purificator, sanctuary light, and other important parts of our Catholic faith.

He went through each vestment and why certain colors are worn at certain times.  Dominic told me today that he and his friend Thomas were going to start wearing shirts the color that coincides with that day's liturgical color.  They wanted a calendar to so they keep track of what color to wear.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I should have seen this one coming

I just should have known. Clairvaux received this stroller for her birthday last week, but Damaris has hijacked it and won't let anybody touch it or NOT push her in it. She will bring the stroller over to anybody taller than her and fuss until they push her around until she is satisfied. She takes it very seriously and will often read or play with other toys while being pushed around. I haven't gotten over how funny it is.

Additionally, she has found alternative uses for her favorite object.  She loves to be outside and found that it works perfect to unlock the door to allow herself outside. Turkey.
Of course, she falls as the stroller projects backwards and then blames me.  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Candlelight Vigil and What I've been reading

This past Monday night, we walked over the Planned Parenthood at 9:30 PM for a holy hour of prayer by candlelight. There was around 200 people in attendance. We prayed the rosary and sang the chaplet of Divine Mercy together. It was so peacefully beautiful. John, Austin, Dominic, Lillie, Rose, Zellie, Vianney, and I were amongst the crowd. I always find these evenings so beautiful and hopeful. All those in attendance were there for a common cause hoping for the restoration to the sanctity of all human life from conception until natural death.
My book recommendations don't relate directly to the above post.  It is just so important to fill our souls with goodness and hope.  I love reading.  I read all the dingle-dong day long here and there.  I have books all over our home.  I love picking up a book just to read a chapter here and there.  I love the excitement of getting a new book and settling in for the evening to crack its stiff pages open only to become engrossed in the story of someone I once knew nothing about.  My literary tastes seem to sway toward biographies as my temperament is easily motivated by heroes and enlightening thoughts.

I went back to our room to get the books I am currently reading and noticed how ridiculous my nightstand is getting.
I then turn to see another book open on the bed that I had read during nap time and found another in the bathroom which I was reading while getting ready this morning.

My bible study is reading this book now which we have all found to be very intriguing.  Colleen Carroll Campbell writes personally about her conversion story and how certain saints led her to know Christ more.  

My deliciously favorite book.  I will read this book over and over as the deep seated meanings behind the brilliance of Tolkien and Lewis and the virtues we are to learn from these literary giants leave me hungry for more.  I love finding the parallels between the movies and our own personal lives.  I love knowing that what the past has known is what we are experiencing today.  I love finding out how the past was dealt with and how good eventually wins everytime.
If you've not read nor seen any of the "The Lord of the Rings" or "The Hobbit" or read any of CS Lewis than these books won't probably make as much sense because the author explains the meanings behind all the movies or books.

I think I highlighted this entire book.  Outstanding and beyond intriguing.  This book contains the ability to open the eyes of so many into many aspects of the marital life.  Up until the Second Vatican Council, we were called to "Generous Parenthood.  Since, the term has been changed to "Responsible Parenthood."  The author lays out perfectly why the wording was changed and what the true purpose of the marital act is.

This is just a small book, but leaves me enlightened each time about who I am and why God made me.  We are made for heaven.  I was created to KNOW, to LOVE, and to SERVE HIM in this world so I can be with HIM forever in the next.  As much as I enjoy reading other blogs and certain aspects of the internet, if I could only BEG you to spend most of your  time doused in good literature that lifts your mind to God.  I truly cannot pull myself away from great books. 
I just got this book today, but have known of Fr. Kapaun for a couple years now.  I, like all, love heroes.  I love those willing to lay down their lives for others without EVER counting the costs.  John's mom read this book and was almost teary-eyed telling me how much she loved his story.  He is on the fast track right now for sainthood and I know that your time invested in getting to know this man will not be without great benefit to your soul and mission.
I picked this up last week as I am nearing the end of this pregnancy and as I always do, begin to mentally map out how I plan to get back into shape.  I have used various methods after each baby like Weight Watchers, Couch to 5K, and Farrell's Kickboxing.  This time though, I feel as though I need to dig this issue up by its roots instead of just pulling the weeds.  I blew through half this book in about two days and it has opened my eyes to various issues regarding food.  

I just started this book, but have found it beyond excellent and it seems each day I have found it popping up on other blogs recommending its goodness.

Like we wish for our children, wonderful literature can open your mind and soul to so much insight and purpose.  You will begin to see your life and people differently.  You will find more meaning in your work.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Night out at the Zoo

John's mother works at St. Elizabeth's hospital in the nursery. For the past couple years, St. Elizabeth's has treated all their employees to a day at Mahoney State Park, but this year they changed the event to a day/night at the zoo. John had to work so we went directly over after he was off to enjoy a catered meal together. Each child received 3 tickets to use at one of the 10 booths set up around the zoo. We had a great evening together and it is always a delight to watch them be delighted.

Why is cotton candy still amazing even as an adult?  I was fascinated with it as a child.  They each were able to pick out a flavor.

It was well worth the long line to get their faces painted by the incredible face artists.  
I was amazed she let the nice lady touch her.  She even answered her questions.

We let the kids ride the horses once a year so it was an extra treat to be able to ride them this night over and over.

She was convinced that the horse would bite her, but after a trip around the arena, she loved it.

We closed out the evening with a train ride around the zoo.  I was thrilled to capture this sweet picture of Clairvaux's hand on Dominic's leg.  It was sweet to me that neither of them noticed and just sat in the train enjoying the breeze about their faces, content to just be sitting for the ride.
I don't know why I didn't capture many pictures of Dominic this evening.  He had his face painted with a Batman mask and also rode the horses.  They put him on the smallest horse which looked more like a pony.  He said he felt like a hobbit.
11 year old Dominic.  2 (almost 3) year old Clairvaux.