Sunday, February 14, 2016

Prayer Request for my mother

My mother had her follow-up scan last Thursday to see how effective her treatments were from the bone marrow transplant and chemo.  She last finished chemo in November and had her bone marrow transplant following.  The standard procedure after transplant is to re-scan 100 days post transplant which was last Thursday, Feb. 11th (which was the first birthday of Lourdes). 

Her scan showed two new tumors present.  It was just heartbreaking for our family to hear those results.  Seeing what she went through, but maintaining hope that it WAS FOR a reason, then only to find that it wasn't, is just devastating.  She was so anxious for the scan.

They want to follow-up with a higher resolution scan tomorrow morning at 8:00.  There is a small chance that the tumors are benign cysts (highly unlikely given her past history).  The doctors recommend a stem-cell transplant and chemo again which she is unsure what she will do.

Once again, I am asking you to pray for a miracle tomorrow morning for her.  Please pray that God will show off again and that her tumors are clear.  PLEASE and thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pink Stork Solutions

I would gander to say that most women encounter morning sickness to some degree or another.  I am certain the market would be quite profitable for some brilliant mind if they had the time, money, and resources to dig up the origins of morning sickness and more importantly develop a natural remedy.  I've researched this topic for hours and have come across many, many recommendations natural and pharmaceutical.

I wrote about the topic in this post: To Remember About Morning Sickness.  I had researched most of that after the nausea had subsided with Lourdes so I didn't have a chance to test out the theories, but I am sure they would help so much.

I wanted to pass along this new company that a friend introduced me to a couple weeks ago called Pink Stork Solutions:  Morning Sickness and Prenatal Health.  This is not a sponsored post, but I couldn't keep this information to myself especially given the topic of morning sickness.  I know how desperate I have been in the past for relief.  This company seems to have researched and gotten to the core of why women encounter morning sickness.  The reviews are honest with most claiming that it didn't take the sickness away, but reduced the effects of morning sickness tremendously.

They offer two plans.  The first being for mild symptoms and the second for severe.  The descriptions for each plan are clear and will guide you through which plan to buy.

I am assuming that you are wondering why I am passing along this information at this time.
We found out two weeks ago that God had given to us another child to love and hold.  We were over the moon.  It was the best telling our children that baby #10 would be gracing our family in October.  My due date was October 7th which is my dad's birthday.  John and I were just giddy about our new baby.  We had a series of ridiculous events that week and I kept saying to John, "I don't care!  We get to have another baby!  Those things don't even bother me compared to the gift of a whole new person."  Our kids cried with excitement when we told them.

That was when I learned about Pink Stork as I had texted my friend to let her know about our newest and she told me about this new company.  I ordered THAT night!

Sadly, the day the package arrived we learned we had miscarried our baby.  I am a selfish lover.  John's mom always says that it is so hard to give them back.  Man. I felt this HARD.  I don't know why, but my first emotion was ANGER.  We wanted so much to see and hold that baby in our arms.  We wanted so much to know who you were.  The moment we find out we are expecting LIFE shifts in a different trajectory.   We know that in 8 or so months a new person is coming which affects so much in our home from homeschooling, to room arrangements, on and on.  My mother heart starts immediately going and preparing my nest for a new person.  When that comes to a sudden HALT, emotions can go wild.  This is the fourth child we have lost to miscarriage.  It is comforting knowing those little souls are waiting for us on the other side, but humanly I cannot help but want to have known WHO and stare into that beautiful face a while on this side.

I hope Pink Stork is able to help someone in the throes of morning sickness and I am hopeful that if we are given more children, this will help.