Sunday, December 6, 2015

Baby's First Christmas

She was afraid of the lights at first, yet mesmerized all at the same time. She wouldn't touch them initially. I could tell her little gears were turning and wondering what in the world were these sparkling lights. She had the same reaction to the fur on my coat this morning. She wouldn't touch it. I just adore these picture.  They were all so happy for her to be putting up her first Christmas tree.

Why is Christmas so wonderful?  I had the biggest lump in my throat most of today and yesterday listening to their excitement and glee.  I observed their faces while we drove around looking at Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music.  Our car was mostly silent except for the oooh's and aaaah's.  Why is the world are we so excited about Christmas?  I think it is so telling of the human heart and one of our greatest of desires which is to give, to serve, and to have hope. 
Why are white lights so enchanting?  I have nursed every one of our babies by the glimmer of the Christmas lights.  It will be one of my best motherhood memories. 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Our boy

We interrupted this family photo for a very tired little boy who was done with touring our local seminary. Kapaun is a very easy-going fella, but nap time is important to his functioning at full sweetness.  I wanted to take a picture of the kids and he walked to the side and simply turned his back on all of us.  It was so great.  He wouldn't budge. 

Discerning his vocation, I guess.

Why was the picture his tipping point?  Why did he turn his back and stand perfectly still?  Who knows?  John and I sure thought it was funny.
I think we shut the van door and he turned his head and fell asleep.
Last month  was full of excitement and adventure.  We had four trips to the ER for three different kids.  Clairvaux hurt her arm while playing and wouldn't move it for several days.  We thought she broke it, but X-rays showed nothing.  After several days of a limp arm, we took her back again.  We took Lourdes in the middle of the night for croup and Kapaun fell off the back of the platform to our swing set. I was doing the morning dishes and watching them play up in the fort like they always do.  He was standing in the entry and I thought, "Man, he is going to flip off the back."  I literally turned my head and hear Clairvaux yelling to me that he fell of the back.  I sprinted out there.  He was doing the "I'm so hurt, I'm weak cry."   It broke my heart.  He wouldn't put any weight on his right leg.  I was worried about his head too.  I called our doctor to tell him what happened.  He sent me over to the ER.    Once again, X-rays showed nothing, but it still took several days for him to walk on it.  I took all three of them to our good chiropractor for adjustments.  He checked them out and made sure all was in line.  I will take about a three month nap to recover from that worry. 

Crackers were offered to help settle the suffering patient.  He was milking every last drop of attention. 
 His mothers positioned the patient on the couch and set about the day caring for our invalid.  Everyone wanted a turn.  In the picture, they were reading one of his favorites to him while holding up the book just so.
We still can't believe he is a boy.  Really.  We say it everyday.  John and I make our rounds every night before bed.  We look at each child sleeping and usually say the same thing each night.  We have a voice we speak in about each child.  Kapaun's room is our last stop.  We lean over his crib and giggle about any antic performed that day.  He was so perfectly tailor made for our family.  What a good boy.
Above all his admirers, John dotes the most.