Friday, May 29, 2015

The Look of Wonder

This face on any of our children will always be seared on my heart. When I see them looking at something with this look of wonder, it always makes me teary-eyed and my heart swells no matter how old they are.  I love taking the kids to Barnes and Noble and often I just watch Dominic look at books.  He has this face.  They jump into a new book both feet first and don't come back until the story is over.

She was bird watching.  A mother dove and her two babies have made a a home in the gutter just above our back door.  They love to watch the progress and check to see if the birds are there each day.  I was checking on Damaris and found her gazing up at the birds.  Children are so beautiful in their wonderful simplicity. 

Although, this gets me too! She was sitting in the piano room drawing away completely unaware of her surroundings. Little hunched over bodies working hard are always darling.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Little Boy Blue

My sister-in-law and I were admiring Kapaun's many adorable ways. She mentioned that I was going to regret not having professional photos taken of him because he is just so bulky and darling.   He is such a sweet little boy.  His white blond hair and deep blue eyes are so enchanting.  His extra chub is so squishy and fun.  He LOVES to eat and I have so many wonderful memories of him just sitting in his chair watching me prepare our meals.  He sits quietly and watches every move.  When I am bringing over his plate, he gets so excited everytime.  I just started making kefir and he loves it so much.  He loves to be outside.  He loves to tell me his eye hurts to get attention.  He LOVES bananas to the point that he must think they are in danger of becoming extinct because he covets them fiercely.   He loves to go to bed at night. 
While we were in the hospital with Lourdes, John's parents took care of our children during the day.  His mother in particular became best buddies with Kapaun.  She calls him "Brother Bear" which I think is so precious and fitting.  He is a little bear cub. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Purple Pimpernel

Pretty in Purple. I got her this outfit and headband a couple weeks ago and couldn't wait to put her in it. The temperatures were up today so we had to wear it. Isn't she darling!!!

She can pray with her hands and feet.

Her father's favorite picture.

My favorite.

John's shadow

They have a very mutual love for each other. Kapaun's eyes light up when he sees John. John's eyes light up when he sees Kapaun. It usually happens around the time we have a new baby.  He is John's most loyal jogging companion.  He is always willing to go on a run with him no matter how long it may be.  John says he doesn't make a peep and just looks around. 
John was washing the floors here and his shadow followed close behind doing the same thing. 

I loved how they took turns looking and smiling at each other.  This was the first time Kapaun saw Lourdes in person!  He was squealing with delight. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lucy Lou and the Chocolate Factory

We see her personality coming out everyday. She is just so sweet.  Zellie loves when I call her Lucy Lou and the Chocolate Factory.  She is 14 weeks old tomorrow.  She wakes about every 2-3 hours at night.  She takes a great morning and afternoon nap.  Like most babies, she likes to nurse all evening.  The kids love her so much and still ask everyday to hold her.  She rolled over last week for the first time and is talking so much.  She has much to say.  Our hair is sprouting on top too!  She loves to suck on her fist although I wish so much she would take a pacifier.  Lucy!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Would you be content to watch people swim?

I was over eating lunch a couple days ago at a dear friend's home.  Her grandmother, Mildred Irene Hayes, recently passed away.  Mildred's son gave the eulogy at her funeral.  Amongst many things he said about his mother, he earnestly pressed how his mother never, ever complained.  EVER.  She certainly had her share of hardships, but she NEVER complained.  Erica was telling me how we generally say that about a lot of people, but truly her grandmother never complained.  She always saw the goodness in everything and was so very grateful for anything.

Mildred grew up very poor.  They literally had nothing and worked very hard for everything.  In the moments that extra time was to be had, she and her sister walked SIX miles to the local pool.  SIX MILES.  Now this is the best part of the story....

You see, it cost 5 cents to swim at the pool.  Their family did not have that extra money.  Those two girls walked six miles to WATCH the other kids swim.  That was entertainment enough for them.  Erica said that often they walked the six miles home or someone would give them a ride.  I wish I could have heard their conversations. 

I just loved this story.  I never met Mildred, but from the few stories I heard that morning it certainly has made me ponder what children actually need.  We live in such a time of excess. 

I was listening to Dr. Ray Guarendi a couple days ago.  A woman had called in to say that her son is extremely disrespectful to the umpires at his baseball games.  He is constantly arguing.  Dr. Guarendi gave several suggestions on how to remedy the behavior, but he also joked about how baseball is handled now.  He was joking about the baseball buffet parents bring now to games.  He joked about "the snack" following the game as the "reward" for playing??  He joked that pretty soon snack will be provided after every inning. 

There seems such a contrast to this child and Mildred's life.  There seems such a contrast between Mildred, who never complained and HAD VERY FEW earthly possessions and opportunities, and this child who had so much more. 

I wonder if it is possible to give our children the gift of being in awe of watching OTHER children swim.  I have met several individuals who grew up with nothing, but didn't have Mildred's demeanor or gratitude.  They actually were very bitter about their circumstances.  I would love to discover the hidden link there of denying ourselves pleasures in order to grow a more content heart like Mildred had.  Something for myself to ponder....  I am sure my own content heart is #1 in order for their hearts to be content. 

The world and the world to come are two enemies.  We cannot therefore be friends to both, but we must decide which we will forsake and which we will enjoy. ---Pope St. Clement 1

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lillie Maria Goretti John Paul Boever- Your Confirmation

Lillie received the sacrament of Confirmation on February 18, 2015. She chose St. John Paul the Great as her confirmation saint. I would bet large sums of money that no one in the history of being confirmed was as excited as Lillie. She had been looking forward to her confirmation for many months and probably years since first witnessing Dominic's.  She wagered back and forth for months about what name to pick.  She wanted to not hurt John and my feelings because she wanted to pick the name John or Ann which is my middle name.  She wanted me to ask the Bishop if she could pick two names so she didn't have to decide.  We reassured her several times that our feelings wouldn't be hurt, but she has such a tender heart that she wasn't convinced. 
We've told the kids that once they are confirmed, they are now an adult in their faith and must begin to make their faith their own.  Lillie would say in the weeks before the event how excited she was to be an adult in her faith.  Lillie is a very holy and devout child.  She is meticulous about her catechism and especially fasting before communion. 
She chose her Aunt Catherine to be her sponsor.  It is hard picking your sponsor when you are surrounded by so many aunts and uncles who are stellar examples of those living a life for Christ. 
I was a bit torn about her Confirmation.  Lourdes had just been born the previous week and we were still in the NICU in Omaha with her.  The Thursday before Lillie's Confirmation was the day that Lourdes had developed E.Coli from surgery.  I could barely leave her bedside and the thought of traveling to Lincoln was so overwhelming.  The night nurse really encouraged me to step away for a while as the stresses of being in the NICU can be so overwhelming.  For some reason, I felt bad for leaving, but she kept reassuring me that it was okay to go home for Lillie's big day.  Once I was home, I was so glad to be there for Lillie.  I called the NICU several times to check on Lourdes and they reassured me she was doing just fine.  Lillie was so excited to see me that morning and so appreciative.  Rose curled Lillie's hair that morning which was so sweet.

John's mom made a cake and we ordered Raising Cane's to celebrate.  I drove back that night to Omaha with a grateful heart to have spent the day with Lillie.  She was so very happy.  I am glad I witnessed her joy.