Saturday, April 12, 2014

The goodness of sunshine

I noticed tonight when putting Clairvaux to bed that she had gotten sun on her shoulders.  Dominic and I decided that if someone inquires about the temperature, we will boldly state that it is Happiness. The good sun came out today to play. I took this first picture standing at my kitchen sink finishing up morning dishes. I vowed we wouldn't step foot inside today except for the essentials and we didn't. The warmth of the sunshine, birds flitting about, summer clothes yanked out of tubs make any heart explode with joy. It was so good to get the garage cleaned, to sit outside and eat lunch, to ride bikes and trikes, to nurse a sweet baby on the porch swing only to have him fall asleep in my arms. I wrestled with putting him down for a nap in his bed as it was just too picturesque with me holding my sleepy baby, wind blowing ever so perfectly, and the sounds of my other children delighting in the new freedom of being outside after months of hibernation. I decided to give him a good nap inside so I could tackle a few projects outside.  It was so good to be outside.
Clairvaux captured this on my phone.  She loves to take pictures with my phone.  I should let her more often.  I love this picture.

First time swinging

There lived old Granny Griggs and her small grandson Dick.( The Good Humor Man)  Although, Rose did tell me tonight when I was putting her to bed,  "I just love when you wear the green jacket and pearl earrings.  You just look so pretty."  Thank you, Rose.  You get a doughnut in the morning.

Friday, April 11, 2014

My Boys

Dominic and Kapaun in their Sunday best.

I promise his diaper was not as full as it looks.  Wow.  I had to add this picture as he looks extra lumpy and round.  Delicious.

 John and I love when he does this face.  He does it when he is in rapid attack mode of a new object.

Little puppy at almost 7 months next week.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Damaris

Why or why did I ever start blogging? I was a pile of tears looking back through pictures of Damaris. Oh, how thankful I am that I was home everyday with her. She woke up sick today on her 2nd birthday. She was throwing up all day. It was so sad. Pictures have an amazing way of moving the heart.  As I was searching through my thousands of photos, I couldn't help but say over and over how grateful I was for our time.  Time is so very precious.  What if I would have missed the exquisite beauty of watching this child grow each day?  How much daily happiness she gives our whole family!  What if I would have missed that?  From a heart bursting with gratitude, I am thankful Lord you opened my eyes to the wonder of each child you decided to give to John and I.
My mother has warned me how much these pictures are going to hurt in the future.  I already feel it.  I say it again, TIME IS PRECIOUS.
The day we fell in love.

My favorite picture of all time.

                                         And...just like that our little girl is 2!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Memory Master 2013-Dominic

(Back Posting from April 2013) What a boy! He really is!  We have been part of a Classical Conversations community for three years now.  John and I cannot say enough about this program, our CC community, and our wonderful director Tori.  She really is one-of-a-kind.  Her whole family is.  They are such a blessing to all of us. Classical Conversations has really put our whole family together learning on the same upward trajectory.  The program is so beautifully written and Tori really does make everything so perfect.

The highest academic achievement in CC is known as Memory Master.  To be a Memory Master, a student must memorize to mastery all the bits of information that pertain to the current cycle we are on for the year.  It is over 500 different pieces of information.  It really is an amazing feat.  The student must recite the information 4 different times to their parent, another parent, their tutor, and finally to the director.  The subject matter varies from Geography, Math, English Grammar, Latin, History, Science, the Presidents, and the 161 point historical timeline from creation to the present.  John and I are always so impressed by the weekly memorization, but to see a student say EVERYTHING in one setting leaves you about speechless.

Dominic earned the title of Memory Master last year for Cycle 1.  He studied diligently and consistently.  We were so very proud of him.  He received a Memory Master T-shirt, a trophy, and a certificate.  May you always use your beautiful mind to glorify HIM,

I am so blessed that he still seeks us in the crowd to flash his smile.

My Boy.  sigh.  He was so proud of his shirt.