Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thank you...

Thank you, thank you for all the beautiful words of care and concern.  It will never cease to inspire in me the desire to be more thoughtful and generous with prayers, sacrifices, and words than after reading so many kind and thoughtful emails and comments.  I really do understand that each child is a gift and that most women suffer through pregnancy in one or more forms.  I am well-aware of that.  Even though morning sickness is a common condition shared amongst many, the commonness doesn't make it easier to endure.  

I really am feeling so much more human each and every day.  Seventeen weeks has always been my magic number.  When I find out we are expecting, I circle ahead on our calendar week 17 as it proves to be the greatest week of my life!!!  I usually begin to notice a significant decrease in nausea, etc.  I don't know if it is my age, past experience with morning sickness, or having experienced a sickly child, but health is something I really thank God for every day even when I am not in session.  I have known enough people with such serious illnesses to not take it for granted. 

I am 18 weeks tomorrow.  How in the world are we almost half way there?  Our ultrasound is scheduled for next Wednesday morning.  It is always so terribly tempting to find out WHO resides within, but we will not as we love the delivery room hysteria of "IS IT A BOY OR A GIRL????"   We laugh about the possibilities between Kapaun and his little brother.  Two little blonde heads would be too much cute.  We find it equally as funny if Kapaun had a little sister. 

Thank you again for such kindness and compassion.  Words rarely suffice in an attempt of extreme gratitude and the verse that I find most suitable is Philippians 1:3 "I thank God upon every remembrance of you."

These two are tight.  Usually, our babies panic if I leave the room.  Kapaun panics if John leaves him.  We stopped by John's work today and he had a few moments to come say hello.  When he walked away, Kapaun lost it. 

Wild as ever is wild as ever.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

To remember on Morning Sickness

I found a great article this evening that I needed to share.

Obviously, I have been missing from this blog due to a real good jaunt with morning sickness.  On one hand, I feel silly even mentioning it because most women don't feel all that great the first trimester or so.   On the other hand, I know that I get a real good case of morning sickness for quite a while.  It takes me to real dark places at times.  We are always so elated about the gift of a new baby, but a somberness does descend upon both John and I as we know what is about to come over our home for a long time.  I have a few questions I will ask Our Lord and that is definitely one of them.  Why such debilitating morning sickness?  I have a few people around here who need their mother.  Why such massive migraines that the only thing I can do is curl up in the fetal position?  I don't ever get headaches.  Ever.  Never.  At any other time in my life.  Why when I already have such severe nausea?  Lord?   For many of my previous pregnancies, I had developed this horrible stomach pain different from the nausea.  For several pregnancies, I had no idea why my stomach hurt so bad. I would tell my doctor that it feels like 75 knives are stabbing me.  He thought it was part of the nausea.  I knew it was something different, but didn't know what to research further.   I shared with a friend of mine who experienced that same symptom and she knew exactly what I had.

H. pylori.  YES!!!  That is it.  She was on a pain pump to control the pain.  Unfortunately, medicines and I don't go well together for some reason I haven't figured out either.  Blah.  Blah. Blah.  You know...hives, itching, blah, blah, blah.  Anybody have any ideas on that one?  So, back to square one.

I googled this evening "Relief for Severe Morning Sickness" and the following article came up.  I was reading along and couldn't believe when she wrote about H. pylori. I hadn't yet known of anybody who had heard or written about it besides my friend.

The Cause and Cure of Morning Sickness and Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Not me.  I originally clicked on this link because this picture came up and I thought "Exactly." 
 Anyway, I wanted to post and ask if anybody has had any luck with her recommendations.  I have written about morning sickness before, but when it hits, all that jazz goes out the window and leaves you literally clinging for your life.  Thank you in advance for any comments regarding the Colloidal Silver she recommended in the article.

I wrote about this because if the information can help anybody who is experiencing these symptoms, I am sure grateful.   Also, it may answer some questions for you like it did for me.   

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kapaun-10 Months Old

Kapaun is at such a fun and easy age. He just crawls around the house exploring. I know this is the calm before the storm. I know the pattern.  My babies are always very cranky.  About 8-9 months, they become the loveliest and easiest babies.  Around 11-13 months, the fits begin which last a good year or so.  After that, we have pretty laid back 2-year-olds and it revs up again when they hit 3 years of age.  Once they hit the ripe age of 4, our toddlers are generally predictable and manageable. 

For now, I know Kapaun's explorative and peaceful ways are sure enjoyable.  He thinks the big kids are hysterical.  He is the center of all of their universes, as it should be.  He is just a precious baby. My sister said that he like having a baby polar bear in the house.  He is fun to carry around.  He has a great belly laugh for a baby which is easily evoked with not much effort.

Morning Face

His hair curls when we are outside.
He loves to eat mulch.  I played with this bug net for about an hour.  Their attention span at this age is really fascinating.  He really wasn't doing much with it, but would transfer it back and forth, pick up mulch, transfer, bang on ground.  Over and over again.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Clairvaux's 4th Birthday

William Shakespearse's quote "Though she be but little, she is fierce" runs through my head often when I think of our Clairvaux. I wonder what gives a child their personality and a funny one at that.  She drops so many funny lines throughout the day that I cannot even keep up. 
She was so excited for her birthday.  So excited that it often makes me sad that I won't be able to meet their excitement.  We try and they always seem grateful so I am not quite sure why I let it bother me. 
We started off with our traditional breakfast out.  She chose "O McDonald's", but deliberated between Chipotle, Red Robin, and Village Inn.  I have supported McDonald's these past few months every morning with my order of one sausage biscuit with egg, one hashbrown, and a small mango pineapple smoothie.  Every morning.  It is the only meal I can keep down so I am glad they are open every morning.  She watches me eat it every morning so she ordered exactly what I usually get. 
We enjoyed each other very much and I am always reminded how darling it is to have each child alone.  They say the cutest things and often reveal their heart in ways you haven't heard before. 

She wanted so much to play in the play structure.  It was funny to see her all by herself exploring the tunnels.  I am so use to seeing 45 little bodies chasing after her. 
We were discussing her birthday plans and I asked her what she wanted to do, what kind of cake she wanted, and what she wanted for dinner.  She requested to go swimming and then said the cutest thing, "Can we go visit Jora at work?"  Jora is married to my sister Kristin.  Clairvaux loves him.  I know she loves him because he makes her feel special to him when they come over.  It was too precious.  I texted him and asked if we could stop by.  He eagerly accepted and we headed over with some breakfast for him.  It was so adorable to see her tromping through his work site up the hill with the McDonald's bag to find him.  She was so proud to give him a sandwich and he was equally touched she wanted to see him.  He gave her an orange Gatorade which was the equivalent to a new car.  She had her own Gatorade.  Our family members called all day to wish her Happy Birthday and she told each of them about getting a Gatorade from Jora. 
Aunt Damaris took her swimming.  She usually takes a nap every afternoon so this was a very big deal.  Damaris took her down the big slide and she loved it. 
So precious and innocent.  I wish childhood birthdays would last forever.  She requested red beans and rice for dinner.  I took her to the store with me to get the ingredients.  She professed her love to me many times and told me that she was having such a good birthday. 

To a young child, these moments are magical.  She was embarrassed when we sang to her.  It was just our family, but she was still so excited that it embarrassed her.

John took her to Target after the other kids were in bed and let her pick out a gift.  She already knew she wanted to get a baby doll. 
Happy Birthday, Clairvaux.  You are our pride and joy.  We love every ounce of you and you are an irreplaceable member of our family.  We are so glad God gave you to us!  We love you so much!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Family Photo Night

Family pictures. I had to include a few of our outtakes because most of the 1,000 pictures taken were hilarious.   I know the kids want to run and hide when I announce that we will be taking our family picture. No matter how relaxed I try to be, it is just quite the little adventure deciding what to wear, where to take the picture, styling and restyling hair, finding shoes, and THEN taking the picture is always a carnival ride. I blame it every year on the two year old.  Damaris did not disappoint.  I do feel bad for the kids as I have this image in my mind that I am hoping to capture and they are just being kids smiling their natural smiles. 
Damaris went down hill fast.

I have ZERO photo editing skills so apart from uploading to Photobucket and using their handy tabs, we pretty much have to take 1,000 shots in hopes of getting a good one.

Not to speak about somebody behind their back, but we were discussing the obvious tot's antics in this photo.  Clairvaux was even dismayed.  Zellie wasn't feeling well. 
In hopes that they don't have completely horrible memories of taking family pictures, we took them out for Mexican food afterwards. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

His whole new world

I have experienced a real contentment in my babies when they become mobile and can explore on their own. I really do love finding them in their play. I love seeing them explore things they've never explored before.  On the other hand, I don't like it because now I have a whole new set of things to worry about like small objects on the floor, bathroom doors left open, and stairs.

We enjoyed these photos of Kapaun because we would flip back and forth on my camera and it looked like his leg was dancing.  You don't really get the same feel here on the blog.

Our school room now becomes transportable as I usually have to sit in the room he is playing in so I can do double time.  Dominic and I were doing a spelling test while Kapaun was cooking.
We also laughed at these two photos because first you see a face.  Then you see his face squish down and get devoured by his cheeks.
This is his favorite toy.  I can't believe he is at the "playing with toys" phase.  He will wind this toy over and over. 

Anybody else think he looks 13 years old here?

He took his first tumble down the stairs.  Thank goodness he wasn't at the top, but still.  Last month, he was barely crawling and now he can go all the way upstairs.  Something seems a little fishy here.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Ballet

The girls have had their fun with several ballet adventures this summer. Clairvaux has finally arrived as she is able to participate this summer.

All grace and elegance

She has watched her sisters for years.   Now that her time has come, she knows exactly what to do.

Lillie dances beautifully especially with her height.  I would have to say she is the one that enjoys dance the most. 
She only has a little bit of a personality...that is a joke...she is the parent.  John and I are her children.