Sunday, July 19, 2015

Learning to Smock

The older four girls took an introductory smocking class a couple weeks ago. Rose especially is very interesting in such projects so this was right up her alley. The lady was so kind and spent four hours teaching the girls the basics.  When I went to pick them up, she was teary-eyed about her time with them and couldn't believe how patient they were to learn the stitch.  She was such a kind and gentle woman.


Rose was hooked.  She even wore a dress that had smocking on the front without realizing it until class.



Saturday, July 18, 2015

the Twins

I've always thought these two looked alike. They both even have the same sweet temperament. How does that work?

Damaris and her berries

Berries around here have the equivalent effect as the ring does to Gollum.  "My Precious!"  They all kind of lose their minds over fresh fruit.  I wish I could have taken a picture of Damaris' initial reaction to me setting a whole plate of strawberries in front of her.  It was too great.  I said, "Here's your lunch for today!"  It really was too great.

The Sweetest child in America

It seems that I always have one child that pulls at my heart strings more than the others each year. This year, it certainly is Vianney. She really is the sweetest child in America. She is just happy, everyday and all day. She never complains and has an light around her. She has the softest voice and softest ways. We read together every night and I love my time with her. She is friends with everyone. I love taking pictures of her white hair, dimpled cheek, and beautiful smile.  Often when I go to bed at night, I am half-tempted to wake her and spend time with just her.  She is very proud of how she does her hair every morning.  She is a great listener, but I really do love when she tells me a story because of her expressions and deep thoughts. 

Nature Club

The older four kids go to nature club once a week hosted by a fellow homeschooling mother. They have learned so many amazing facts about bugs and nature.  She gives them a challenge each week to earn extra points.  This week's challenge was to watch the clouds for 5 minutes.  I don't know why I thought it was endearing to look outside and watch them watch the clouds.  They stayed outside a lot longer than five minutes.

They also have weekly sketches to complete for points. 
Rose's grasshopper

Clever Clairvaux

Clairvaux is our first child I would classify as clever.  She is smart beyond her years.  She says the wittiest things, but because she "acts" shy,  one would never know the thoughts she has unless you spend lots of time with her on a daily basis.  I scheduled her well-child check the day before her birthday in which she promptly crossed out becase she doesn't want to get shots.  I schedule all their well-child checks at the beginning of the year for around their birthday.  She thumbed through the calendar, found her birthday and crossed it off like we wouldn't go then. 

I make a certain dish for dinner that has cabbage and onions in it.  It isn't her favorite so she told me that her and husband will just have salad on those nights.  I asked who her husband was going to be and she said, "You'll see." 

I was drinking sparkling water last night which she thought was a pop.  She took a drink and asked me where the flavor went.

She is our first left-handed child (Kapaun is our second). 

She asks to hold Lourdes 1.2 million times a day and can handle her like all the older kids.  She takes her into the playroom and entertains her for long amounts of time. She calls her "Suzanne."

Camping with the Marians

Lillie was able to spend four days at camp with the Marian Sisters.  To say she was excited, would have been the biggest understatement of the year.  She spent weeks dreaming about what it would be like to camp with the sisters. John was able to spend the first days with her and enjoyed the time with the other fathers as much as she enjoyed camp.  She filled my ear with stories of all the wonderful happenings.  She told me all about her new friends, songs she learned, how much she enjoyed serving food, and her friendship with the sisters.  The night we came home, she followed me to the laundry room and started to cry. She said, "Mom, I have something to tell you.  I think God is calling me to be a Marian Sister."  I know she was very tired, but it really was a beautiful exchange.  I promised to pray that God will continue to guide her heart and she responds to whatever God has planned for her life single, married, or religious. 

We were all thrilled to pick her up.  We arrived a little late to the closing mass and snuck in the back.  I thought it was sweet how she was watching the door and her entire face lit up when she saw us walk in. 

The little kids

I am s.l.o.w.l.y realizing that I don't have all "little kids" anymore.  When you spend your days together, I guess it is natural to not realize that they aren't "little" anymore.  Dominic spent a week at Leadership Camp and I am not sure how I will ever logically let him go to college in five very short years, but it hit way too close to home to have him gone that long.  We missed his joyful presence in our home everyday.  He had a mountain top experience.

 I've been told numerous times that little ones of larger family get the best of you because as your older kids start approaching the runway to leave home, your eyesight comes into focus real quick about what is important and that silly stuff you worry about suddenly disappears.

I went upstairs to give Kapaun a bath tonight and John came up shortly afterwards.  We dressed him in his airplane jams and sat on the floor and watched his darling ways.  I asked John if he thought everybody thinks he is as cute as we think.   We then came downstairs to everybody surrounding Lourdes and laughing at the way she sucks in her bottom lip now.  It really was simple, but when it is your own baby, everything is it should be. 

Whatever it is, time is such a gift.  I am thankful to have everybody back at home together.  Every night last week when I went to bed, a true part of my heart ached knowing Dominic was about an hour from our home.