Saturday, July 18, 2015

Clever Clairvaux

Clairvaux is our first child I would classify as clever.  She is smart beyond her years.  She says the wittiest things, but because she "acts" shy,  one would never know the thoughts she has unless you spend lots of time with her on a daily basis.  I scheduled her well-child check the day before her birthday in which she promptly crossed out becase she doesn't want to get shots.  I schedule all their well-child checks at the beginning of the year for around their birthday.  She thumbed through the calendar, found her birthday and crossed it off like we wouldn't go then. 

I make a certain dish for dinner that has cabbage and onions in it.  It isn't her favorite so she told me that her and husband will just have salad on those nights.  I asked who her husband was going to be and she said, "You'll see." 

I was drinking sparkling water last night which she thought was a pop.  She took a drink and asked me where the flavor went.

She is our first left-handed child (Kapaun is our second). 

She asks to hold Lourdes 1.2 million times a day and can handle her like all the older kids.  She takes her into the playroom and entertains her for long amounts of time. She calls her "Suzanne."

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