Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ascension Thursday Picnic

We celebrated the feast of the Ascension by partaking in a picnic at Holmes Lake on top of hobbit hill overlooking the lake.  We couldn't have ordered a better day as the weather was PERFECTION.  My sister is with us again this summer.  This will probably be the last summer we spend together as she will probably be interning somewhere next summer.  We have done this for 7 years.  I am already crying.  She has been my loyal companion each summer which enables me to really get ahead with school and really life in general.  I can clean out drawers, sort clothes, and do a million other tasks that get put off during the school year.  I tell her that she will only know what she has done for our family until she has a family of her own.

Dominic-age 12

Lillie- age 10
Rose-age 8
Zellie-age 6

Vianney-age 5

Clairvaux-age 3

Damaris-age 2

Kapaun- age 8 fat months.

We laugh that his facial features get swallowed by his cheeks.  I am in heaven with his chub.

"Who does Kapaun look like?"  I am asked often.  The twins.

Damaris with Damaris.

Chancho was determined to get several ticks. 
She had the best time out of everyone.  She waddled through the park soaking it all in.  For some reason, we had several ungrateful people during the outing.  Some of the offenders just couldn't pull it together.  I really try in my parenting to first ask, "Do I do this to God?" and "Have I taught them this by my own ungratefulness?"  To me, it was so beautiful and perfect, but for some of our children tonight they just wanted more.  Some wanted to go fishing.  Others wanted to be playing at the playground.   We just wanted to walk along the path and take in the sunset.  Why am I sharing this?  As beautiful as the pictures are to me, I feel a hint of deception to perfectly, happy family life when there was another side of the pictures.  Isn't wasn't that the evening wasn't beautiful and fun!  My sister and I remarked annoyingly 1000 times how it is good for the soul to be outside in nature.  Although, this IS family life.  We work together, pray together, play together, eat together, and forgive and start over together. 
I call Clair's walk the sister strut.

Ascending the BIG hill.

Damaris was fascinated by the "chickens."  (the ducks)

Our Family of 10!!! 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A room with a view

She SPRINTS everywhere she goes, but occasionally she turbo sprints. I was making dinner this evening and she turbo sprinted past me into the drawing room, shut the door violently, and got her color on. I was spellbound at the whole ordeal. It delighted me to find such joy in her everyday basics. For me, life can't get much better than the pure enjoyment of a two-year-old. She had been outside swinging from the seat of the swing by her belly.  I would love to have known what inspired the sprint to the coloring room from outside.

I returned to my cooking to hear, "Hi Mama!" in the sweetest, softest voice.  As I look out my window, I see Clairvaux smiling at me just like this.  I took a picture with my eyes first. I felt time with this picture.  I felt the passing of it heavily.  I don't know when she is older if I will remember it beyond the picture I took.  I played in my head her getting older, but me still hearing "Hi Mama!" at my kitchen window and seeing her darling face smiling back at me.  I wonder how long she had been watching me cook.  It really was sweet.

*Blond beauty in the background.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Track Meet 2014

Another great track meet came and went yesterday in Wahoo, Nebraska. We look forward to the event every year. This year was filled with much talk about strategy, different running theories, and much excitement about hoping to win a medal. This was Vianney's first year to participate. We weren't sure how she would do as a couple years ago she was very hesitant.  She sure surprised us. 
I love how they were holding hands.

With Dominic's laid back temperament, he appears to not be very competitive.  I mean, he would like to win, but it's okay if he doesn't.  He really wanted to try barefoot running this year in his running events.  He read about a guy who preferred it.  He told me he liked it better and felt faster.  What a great kid!  He got the most improved player this year out of our kids.  He ran every event and really did improve.  When he ran the 800, John and I were dying when we saw him kick it in at the end.

Lillie started off by running the 800 meter dash.  She started sprinting so died about the 200 meter mark.  She was a nice shade of white by the end, but she always finishes her races.  That makes me so proud of her.

Zellie, Rose, and Vianney were a speedsters this year.  I will attribute their speed to constant games of freeze tag in the back yard. 
She was so eager to run that when the gun misfired, she took off sprinting.
Oh Vianney.  She burned a whole through my heart watching her.  Like I said, we weren't sure how she would do.  The gun went off and she tore down the track like a running back trying to score a touch down.  Once she got a taste of running, she couldn't wait for each race.  She giggled with excitement.  Before her first race, I was standing next to John at the finish line.  We looked toward the starting line and John said, "Is she warming up?"  She really was.  You could tell she has seen this routine a few times.
I looked back at old track meet posts and realized once again how Rose has always loved to run.  I love watching her run.  She runs hard, pretty, and strong.  Her stride is long and she smiles.  She is a natural runner and loves it. 

They raced against each other in the 100 meter dash.

Lillie loves every aspect of the track meet.  She loves seeing who will be there, what food we will bring, who her coach will be, and wants oh so much to win a ribbon or medal.  I wish so much for her to win a medal.  Often, it is heart-wrenching to watch the different gifts God gave each of your children.  She tries so hard.  You want them to do their best and at the same time it is so very tempting to want them to see a visible and tangible reward for trying so hard. 

Sister consult.

Zellie won first place overall in her age division and received the coveted medal that they talked about all year.  Look at her smile.  I will always remember them saying, "...and the overall winner of the 5-6 year old girls is...Zellie Boever."  She squealed and her sisters came rushing forward to congratulate her. 

Oh Rosie.  She won all her running events and came in second or third in all her field events.

Lillie.  I would have paid to see you win a ribbon for one of your events.  You are so good about cheering others on, but I think it is in every child to hope.  They would announce each event and I could tell that you were hoping so bad to win a ribbon.  I couldn't help but think, "Oh PLEASE, say her name.  Just once."