Monday, May 26, 2014

Track Meet 2014

Another great track meet came and went yesterday in Wahoo, Nebraska. We look forward to the event every year. This year was filled with much talk about strategy, different running theories, and much excitement about hoping to win a medal. This was Vianney's first year to participate. We weren't sure how she would do as a couple years ago she was very hesitant.  She sure surprised us. 
I love how they were holding hands.

With Dominic's laid back temperament, he appears to not be very competitive.  I mean, he would like to win, but it's okay if he doesn't.  He really wanted to try barefoot running this year in his running events.  He read about a guy who preferred it.  He told me he liked it better and felt faster.  What a great kid!  He got the most improved player this year out of our kids.  He ran every event and really did improve.  When he ran the 800, John and I were dying when we saw him kick it in at the end.

Lillie started off by running the 800 meter dash.  She started sprinting so died about the 200 meter mark.  She was a nice shade of white by the end, but she always finishes her races.  That makes me so proud of her.

Zellie, Rose, and Vianney were a speedsters this year.  I will attribute their speed to constant games of freeze tag in the back yard. 
She was so eager to run that when the gun misfired, she took off sprinting.
Oh Vianney.  She burned a whole through my heart watching her.  Like I said, we weren't sure how she would do.  The gun went off and she tore down the track like a running back trying to score a touch down.  Once she got a taste of running, she couldn't wait for each race.  She giggled with excitement.  Before her first race, I was standing next to John at the finish line.  We looked toward the starting line and John said, "Is she warming up?"  She really was.  You could tell she has seen this routine a few times.
I looked back at old track meet posts and realized once again how Rose has always loved to run.  I love watching her run.  She runs hard, pretty, and strong.  Her stride is long and she smiles.  She is a natural runner and loves it. 

They raced against each other in the 100 meter dash.

Lillie loves every aspect of the track meet.  She loves seeing who will be there, what food we will bring, who her coach will be, and wants oh so much to win a ribbon or medal.  I wish so much for her to win a medal.  Often, it is heart-wrenching to watch the different gifts God gave each of your children.  She tries so hard.  You want them to do their best and at the same time it is so very tempting to want them to see a visible and tangible reward for trying so hard. 

Sister consult.

Zellie won first place overall in her age division and received the coveted medal that they talked about all year.  Look at her smile.  I will always remember them saying, "...and the overall winner of the 5-6 year old girls is...Zellie Boever."  She squealed and her sisters came rushing forward to congratulate her. 

Oh Rosie.  She won all her running events and came in second or third in all her field events.

Lillie.  I would have paid to see you win a ribbon for one of your events.  You are so good about cheering others on, but I think it is in every child to hope.  They would announce each event and I could tell that you were hoping so bad to win a ribbon.  I couldn't help but think, "Oh PLEASE, say her name.  Just once."


  1. Sweet Liliie! I'm sitting here in anticipation...was she able to get 1 ribbon?
    Congratulations to Zellie, Vianney and Rose.
    Hope you're all having a blessed weekend.

    1. She did not, but OH HOW MUCH I wish. Thanks for asking! God bless.

  2. Sweet Lillie! I want her to win one, too. It is so nice to hear more about her. -Lily

  3. I have an 18 year old son who sounds like he was very much like Lillie when he was younger (in the 8-11 year old range). He was NOT an athlete, but oh how he wanted to be. His little brother (18 months younger) outdid him in every way, was the one everyone said would "go far" (soccer), and the one everyone praised and admired. Watching them play was so bittersweet - one racked up all the praise, one wanted it soooo badly but was never picked first, never praised, was awkward to watch...the whole thing. It HURT to see it time after time. But my older one never, ever gave up. His internal drive to succeed has overcome a whole lot of the lack of athletic ability he was born with. My younger son burned out on soccer a year or so ago and now only plays for fun on the high school team. My older son? Never gave up. Ever. All those thousands of hours of practicing in the yard, doing every soccer camp and training imaginable, and pushing himself to the limit paid off - over the last two years he has won our city newspaper's soccer player of the year for our metro area two years in a row, won a national player of the week award last year, was picked as the metro area soccer scholar-athlete last month, and is going off to play college soccer in August (and had 5 colleges offer him a spot at that!). I never, ever would've imagined he would be the one to go that far with sports. Never. I would've bet a million dollars on my other son.

    So, sometimes they do blossom on their own timelines - I hope your Lillie has many, many ribbons in her future in whatever she sets her mind to do. :)

    1. What a great story! My mother always reminds me this same beautiful advice about each of their lives. There is a WHOLE story to be told. I often jump the gun at chapter 1 and assume I know how it ends. God Bless You.

  4. We are just starting in the world of competitive sports for the kids. I truly didn't realize how hard it is for parents! I have a new appreciation for all of the nail-biting events my parents sat through. My heart goes with them the whole time.

  5. wow linny I loved this post! I'm so proud of all my track stars! love- Mammy