Saturday, February 23, 2013

We are alive.

We are alive. I am 10 weeks along today. Most of my friends, sisters-in-law, and pretty much every woman I don't know gets to experience morning sickness so I won't mumble on and on about it. I forget each time how our home changes for a few months as I direct traffic from the couch and hang on John's leg as he is walking out the door begging him not to leave me in such a state. The older four kids have really stepped up in every department which is something so beautiful to see.

My levels have been great and I need to record them so I remember next time and I don't spend hours googling HCG and progesterone levels to make sure I am on track.

I guess I have to look at the positives about the first 15 weeks.  I usually lose about 10 pounds.  My grandmother was worried sick about me losing weight and I told her, "Oh don't worry, I make it up the last half."   

At 5 weeks: HCG: 101 Prog: 47 (I have never been in this range)
At 7 weeks: HCG: 13,000 Prog: 96 (Holy Smokes!)
At 9 weeks: HCG: 103,000 Prog: 27 (Back on the progesterone. I drop every time so I am not worried.)
At 10 weeks: HCG: 101,700 Prog: 63 My HCG dropped which caused me to panic.

The nurse reassured me that it is completely normal and tends to level off and even drop at this stage. I still didn't like it. Our doctor called to confirm it was completely normal. I am grateful he understands how woman think and overreact. We went to Kansas City for a conference and had the chance to visit my grandmother. I went with the intention of getting a picture of the kids with her and I some how only got a picture of myself with the kids. I love that.
Me and my eight children
Waiting to ride the two-story carousel
Dominic at the Lego store for the first time!
The girls in utter shock at the American girl doll store.
Baby at 10 months.
She was baking all day this day.