Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Christmas Wonderfulness

We try so hard each year to push the Christmas decorating back as far as possible as to allow the season of Advent to be celebrated. The kids are always so excited to deck the halls. Frankly, I am too! I love all the smells and bells of preparing for Christ's birth. Since I was due around Christmas, we let them decorate early. About three years ago, I decided to let them decorate for the most part. I had spent the morning correcting and reminding everyone to "Please be careful!" and "Please don't break that!" I drove myself crazy and probably ruined the spirit. NO MORE. They were so excited! I didn't want their memory to be of me stressed. They truly had a wonderful time. I sat and watched and admired.
I found this village on super duper clearance years ago and it is always the most treasured item.  They play with it from the moment it goes up until the moment I pack it away for next Christmas.

Dominic is my trusted advisor.  He shares my joy and excitement for Christmas decorating. 

Dominic and Rose were talking together while he played through Christmas songs. 
We buy one new nutcracker every year.  We name them after members of our family and extended family according to what the nutcracker portrays.
A couple years back, we started getting one new snow globe every year.  I am always on the lookout at Goodwill, Target, or any thrift store to find these treasures.


  1. Christmas is one of mu favourite time in whole year! Beautiful photos :)

  2. I try to wait on decorating as well, but honestly, I LOVE it. I love the smell of fresh cut greenery, lights, all of it. We do Advent pretty big- but I think the Advent celebration can coexist with some Christmas decor- at least a tree and lights- I could look at that year round:)

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