Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lillie Maria Goretti John Paul Boever- Your Confirmation

Lillie received the sacrament of Confirmation on February 18, 2015. She chose St. John Paul the Great as her confirmation saint. I would bet large sums of money that no one in the history of being confirmed was as excited as Lillie. She had been looking forward to her confirmation for many months and probably years since first witnessing Dominic's.  She wagered back and forth for months about what name to pick.  She wanted to not hurt John and my feelings because she wanted to pick the name John or Ann which is my middle name.  She wanted me to ask the Bishop if she could pick two names so she didn't have to decide.  We reassured her several times that our feelings wouldn't be hurt, but she has such a tender heart that she wasn't convinced. 
We've told the kids that once they are confirmed, they are now an adult in their faith and must begin to make their faith their own.  Lillie would say in the weeks before the event how excited she was to be an adult in her faith.  Lillie is a very holy and devout child.  She is meticulous about her catechism and especially fasting before communion. 
She chose her Aunt Catherine to be her sponsor.  It is hard picking your sponsor when you are surrounded by so many aunts and uncles who are stellar examples of those living a life for Christ. 
I was a bit torn about her Confirmation.  Lourdes had just been born the previous week and we were still in the NICU in Omaha with her.  The Thursday before Lillie's Confirmation was the day that Lourdes had developed E.Coli from surgery.  I could barely leave her bedside and the thought of traveling to Lincoln was so overwhelming.  The night nurse really encouraged me to step away for a while as the stresses of being in the NICU can be so overwhelming.  For some reason, I felt bad for leaving, but she kept reassuring me that it was okay to go home for Lillie's big day.  Once I was home, I was so glad to be there for Lillie.  I called the NICU several times to check on Lourdes and they reassured me she was doing just fine.  Lillie was so excited to see me that morning and so appreciative.  Rose curled Lillie's hair that morning which was so sweet.

John's mom made a cake and we ordered Raising Cane's to celebrate.  I drove back that night to Omaha with a grateful heart to have spent the day with Lillie.  She was so very happy.  I am glad I witnessed her joy.