Friday, May 29, 2015

The Look of Wonder

This face on any of our children will always be seared on my heart. When I see them looking at something with this look of wonder, it always makes me teary-eyed and my heart swells no matter how old they are.  I love taking the kids to Barnes and Noble and often I just watch Dominic look at books.  He has this face.  They jump into a new book both feet first and don't come back until the story is over.

She was bird watching.  A mother dove and her two babies have made a a home in the gutter just above our back door.  They love to watch the progress and check to see if the birds are there each day.  I was checking on Damaris and found her gazing up at the birds.  Children are so beautiful in their wonderful simplicity. 

Although, this gets me too! She was sitting in the piano room drawing away completely unaware of her surroundings. Little hunched over bodies working hard are always darling.

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