Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vianney 9 months old

To my dear Vianney,
You are a love. What a gift you are to our family! We hardly call you Vianney because for some reason everyone calls you John or Johnny and it couldn't be more fitting. You actually are a Johnny. You are my blondest baby. Your father had wild curly blond hair which I've been waiting for someone to produce, but yet have not seen. Maybe it will be you?
You learned this month to cruise around the furniture. You let go and transfer from one couch to the other. You probably are my best "player" at this age. I find you everywhere looking at things passing them from hand to hand, then the mouth, back to each hand. I find your little neck bent over everywhere studying some object or another. I can count on you everyday unplugging the carbon monoxide detector down the hall. Everyday.
One day, your papa and I were watching your fan club entertain you and just smiled at the love and affection your little mind was getting. Every night at dinner we go through the same list of questions, "Where's Zellie? Where's Rose? Where's Lillie? Where's your big brother?" You will look at everyone as their name is called. They cannot believe it every night that you know them.
On the other hand, you are not a good sleeper. I don't mind, really. I wish you took better naps, but it seems the more children I've had the more I just accept that it's you. I think though you might need to move out of our bedroom and into Zellie's room. The other night you decided to host late night clapping in our room. Through the moonlight coming in our room, I see you clapping over and over and over. I picked you up and you would clap. Your grandmother always says that once they learn a new trick, they must practice it over and over. Although, we have been clapping for some time. You decided to clap and smile from 2:00-5:30. I kept waking your papa because it was so cute. Clap, clap, smile. wait. clap. clap. smile. wait. I will pray about your sleeping.
I was a little concerned you were going to be a picky eater, but you came from behind in the fourth quarter to become a great eater. You will eat anything and take your cod liver oil like a champ. Thank you for being so nice. You are like Rose though because your skin is very sensitive. You are soooo dry and I am kind of obsessive about it. We've been to a couple dermatologist and tried every lotion in America. I don't know what to do. The winter is very hard on your skin. I will pray about it.
We found last month that you are going to be a big sister. It makes me laugh and for the first days, I held you tighter. I feel that when I have a baby, I count forward with your age, but when I find out I'm expecting, I start counting backwards (in my head) how much longer you will be my baby. You are still my baby.
Giving you a bath probably is on my top ten list. You are wild and slippery. I love watching you crawl around in the bathtub.
I want to remember at this age how every time I pick you up, you wrap your legs around me, put your head down on my chest, and take a moment just to be. You do it every time and I love it.
I love you, my little girl. Thank you for being in our lives.


  1. So sweet. "Johnny!" I love it.

    Elliot is also a finicky sleeper...and also still in our room. Hmmmm...a connection?

    And! He also has dry, sensitive skin. He now has dry patches that are so scaly and raw, they're almost like burns. Let me know if you find something miraculous. Right now, I'm just sticking to Aquaphor and very few baths.

  2. So beautiful Linds.....I need to start doing this...writing down all those things I love before I forget!

  3. What a special little girl Vianney is, and so loved. I love to see her smile. What a treat!

  4. What a precious description of your sweet little Vianney. I love how you cherish each moment...even if it is the middle of the night!