Sunday, January 24, 2010

John Wayne Gina

My family has an illness. You see, we nickname anything and everything especially each other. Our pets even have nicknames. My sister's dog is/was (he passed on this winter :) named Frodo, but we call him Norman. My other sister, Hilary, has a dog named Sophie that we call Toby. Well, our children are no exception. It is not uncommon for their nickname to change weekly.
In our Christmas picture (which is now a Valentine's Day picture to be sent soon), Zellie looks as if she is getting ready to pull her six shooters out. In our usual evening discussions, John and I talk pretty much about her and the things she says during the day. We accuse each other of not catching a certain look she gave us or missing a hysterical saying. I tell him that if he realized her cuteness he would quit his job so he wouldn't miss a moment. He told me he has thought of running away with her to Vegas. He walked by our blown-up version of our Christmas picture and said that she looked like John Wayne getting ready to pull out his guns. So, guess what. We are now calling her John Wayne. At first, it was John Wayne Gina. Gina because that was what we were calling her the week before, but now it is just shortened to John Wayne.
I had her in the grocery store with me last week and I said, "John Wayne, do we have everything?" She said (in her gerbil voice) and smirk of cuteness, "Why you call me John Wayne?" I said, "What is your name?" She said, "Geegy." Geegy was her name about 3 months ago. I said, "What do you want me to call you?" She said, "John Wayne is fine." Poor thing. I am sure we are confusing them and they will grow up to not have an identity and will need psychological help, but it sure is funny.


  1. Funny! Our nicknames usually stick. Morgan is 'Mischief' and Madeleine has asked me several times to PLEASE STOP calling her Maddie Moo. Poor kid. :)

  2. I am laughing tears right now! you guys are soo funny. My family nicknames EVERYTHING too!!