Thursday, January 21, 2010

Roberta Boever

When Zellie was just over a year, her hair was to be honest...hideous. Most kids go through this phase when their hair is coming in so we just endure it and then usually it grows to be long and luxurious. We were in Beloit visiting my family. My mom was begging me to cut Zellie's hair. She's a big advocate that "if they get a good hair cut it will grow in much thicker and longer." I kept saying No and she kept begging me. Finally, I gave in and this is what we got.

Hours upon hours of laughter ensued. My mom pleaded her cause that she looked "adorable" and "like a little girl now." ha! ha! John and I decided that she looked like Roberta from the movie Swiss Family Robinson or Jim Carrey on Dumb and Dumber. See the resemblance...


  1. Oh I just had a good hard laugh...hilarious

  2. haha this is soo funny! she is so stinkin adorable.... that face she is making!! haha.

  3. It was because of the pirates!