Sunday, January 31, 2010

Won't you be Mine?

We've needed a new camera since always so we've been researching and this is where my heart has landed. Please talk me out of it! Tell me I will not like it one bit! My children will look distorted in every image, etc, etc. If you have any other suggestions regarding great cameras, I would love to hear.

Nikon D90

Here is a picture of our current camera. It still works great, but to your surprise it isn't digital and the shutter speed is just a little slow. The major disadvantage is taking it to the zoo and other places with the children. It's a little big and awkward to set up for each pose. "Here Lillie, take a picture by the giraffe. Give me 15 minutes to set up and I will be ready. Okay. Hold still for A WHILE." Not working so swell.


  1. Lindsay-Paul just got a Nikon D40...He looked at the D90 and that was what I thought he was going to get. But, after thinking about it, since he's just learning, he went with the cheaper less fancy D40 and we've been happy so far! We just don't have a clue how to use all the functions on it! I guess that's why it seemed silly to get the next step up. The quality of pictures is so amazing (of course, that's compared to our point and shoot!) We really enjoy it. said talk you out of it! Robin

  2. Let me guess....Pioneer Woman inspired you? : )

  3. Get it!!!!! It is a WONDERFUL camera and takes awesome pictures! You will figure out all of the neat and fancy perks about...with time!

  4. Its fun features and chic styling makes the Nikon D90 a tasty choice for casual point-and-shoot use. However, if you need speed or snapshot perfection, this isn't your camera.Its notable features include optical image stabilization, an overzealous warning that pops up if it thinks someone in the photo blinked, auto scene selection from one of seven options, in-camera contrast enhancement and perspective control and a mini-HDMI port for connecting directly to an HDTV for slide-show playback.

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  5. I also agree with the reviews.I also love the Nikon D90.The image quality is also awesome.While we wait for Nikon users, the flash metering system is perfect. Pop-up integrated, and get outdoors perfect fill light, or as the sole source of inner light.

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  6. I read this review. I agree with you. I like Nikon D90. It's image quality is very good. I really enjoy it. It's fun features and stylish design makes the Nikon D90 tasty selection of point and shoot everyday.

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