Monday, February 22, 2010

Diaper Bag Love Affair

I have a slight obsession with finding the perfect diaper bag. I've tried many, but none seem to be my best friend yet.


It's from Petunia Pickle Bottom. The very name of the store makes me want to pinch somebody.
I know Audrey Hepburn would have shopped at this site if she were picking out a diaper bag. What Audrey does, Lindsay does.

Look at this loveliness...

Oh don't worry, it comes in many shades such as Apple Tart Cake, Buttercream Cake, or French Gooseberry Cake. Those clever folks at this store knew that by naming each purse after something delicious suddenly makes spending $325.00 on a decorated diaper carrier seem essential in the life of an mother.

Or, I could just settle for the Licorice Pudding Cake Society Satchel

Don't worry, I've not lost my mind and won't go right over to a beautiful baby boutique store tomorrow that closes at 5:00 PM, but aren't they elegant and classy?


  1. Okay-are we on the same wavelength or what girl? I just spent a decent portion of my internet surfing last week looking at ALL KINDS of diaper bags. I'm determined to find something feminine and practical. Unfortunately the ones I liked were so ridiculously expensive (at least for our budget) that I simply was able to ponder them :-).

    I did get a tote bag from Lands End and should get it in the mail this week. I'm hoping it will work, but it is definitely not like the dreamy ones you have posted nor the dreamy ones I saw last week! :-)

  2. I JUST saw this exact diaper bag in red on Craigslist.....go go go....and get it!!!!!!

  3. Linds....I love the Vera Bradley bag. Although I don't have any children yet, I long to use it when I do!

  4. ahhhh yes in heaven I will have a diaper bag like that...ha ha ha
    I too am on the search for a perfect diaper bag...