Saturday, February 6, 2010

What did I do before this was invented????????

I may have found the #1 household item.

Brush on kRAZY Glue

Before I found such wonderfulness, my hands use to look like this after using regular super glue.

Actually, I very much disliked Krazy Glue before they invented the Brush-On style. The tube was designed to fool people and I usually spent a good 2-3 days glued to the items I had recently fixed. I had a hard time playing the piano, putting my contacts in, holding the baby. So, when I saw this I rushed right over to Hobby Lobby and bought it. It works great and my fingers never even touched the glue.

My mother had recently given me this beautiful old pitcher that was my great great grandmother's brought over from Europe, carried on horse back, fought off Indians with, and nursed many sick aunts and uncles back to health. I have loved it since I was a little girl. She gave it to me for my birthday this past year. I was elated. A couple months ago, I was dusting our buffet and broke the pitcher. I almost did my best karate move on the buffet for even existing and having the gall to sit in our living room and hold the pitcher. My mother isn't attached to worldly things AT ALL. But when I told her my crime, I think she may have buzzed my hair and eyebrows off if she lived in Lincoln at the time. SOOOO, I was determined to fix it. This is the moment I fell in love with Krazy Glue. Look at the pitcher now!!!

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