Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Friday visit to a cute Eye Doctor

On Friday, we went to visit our cute eye doctor. He is such a nice guy and really good with kids. He asked me if I was married. The nerve. I invited him for dinner. He came. What a cutie! We are blessed to have him as our Papa! John wanted to dilate (their eyeballs) all the kids while we had them in and had the time. When your eye is dilated it makes your pupil really big so they all looked funny. They did great and he was able to check everybody's eyes.

Dominic needs glasses. He has his mother's eyes. Sorry.

Lillie loves appoints of any sort so this was all fun for her.
Rose is just cute.
She liked wearing the "special" glasses because her eyes were dilated. She wore them the rest of the day.

Zellie took it very serious.

Big Stuff getting ready of her appointment. The cutest thing about the youngest of a family is the excitement that everyone has for them even to have an eye exam. You should have heard the squeals of delight in the others while watching her.
She just wanted her glasses and be done with it.

John thought these would look best. ha! ha!


  1. They're all unbelievably cute getting checked out by their Dr. Daddy, but Zellie made me laugh out loud.

    Whomever it was that told you never to be without a two-year-old in your home is so, so right.

  2. this totally made my day. I cant wait to have my own brood of yummy kids!

  3. Hey, I know that guy! He's my eye doctor too! What a coincidence! ;-) Cute pics and I'm sure it was a great adventure for the kids and fun to see their papa at work.

    The boys LOVE visiting Keith at work too.

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