Saturday, March 13, 2010

To make you giggle...

My mom told me this hysterical story today which happened a few years back with one of her older lady friends. I had forgotten the story and fell over again at its funniness.

My mother has a friend named Kathryn Eilert. Kathryn truly is a saint on earth. What a holy, holy woman. My mom was in the confessional line and out comes Kathryn. She told my mom she was in the box pouring her heart out about her wretchedness, concerns, shortcomings. She said that she really thought she was having a good confession.

After she lets it all out, she then waits for the priest to give her advice, her penance and absolution. Nothing.

She waited and waited. Nothing.

So, she peeks around the wall where she was kneeling behind...and no priest was there. She confessed to the wall.

I was dying of laughter. I can just see her pouring her precious little heart out only to find nobody listening (but God).

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