Sunday, May 9, 2010

Birthday cakes with posts to follow

I made these to celebrate the feast of St. George and the dragon!

We celebrated Lillie's 6th Birthday April 26th!

Vianney turned one March 5th! Big Stuff!

We purchased a new camera and I just sat down to figure out how to upload the pictures (after all my procrastination it ended up being the exact same way as our old camera) Anyway, I have three birthdays to catch up on so here are the cakes with the posts to follow soon! The pictures of Dominic's cake forgot to upload so now back to figuring that out. Be back soon!


  1. so great to see you back to blogging.... yours is by far one of my favorite blogs! i would follow you if i could... but i am definitely a subscriber!

  2. Lindsey!! Who knew you were a cakemaker?! what an incredible job. I don't know if I would have had the patience for all the tiers on that dress...;)
    Amazing. I bet you did this at 3 am too..

  3. I love those cakes.The pink one is so beautiful,Especially the design of that one is so nice.The doll over that cake also looks cute.Rally good quality cake toppers made the cake perfect.

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