Friday, May 14, 2010

Constant state of cuteness

This child lives in a constant state of cuteness. Every picture we take of her is completely cute. The tone of her voice is over the top cute. Her desperate attempts to join the sister club is cute. Her "perceived" knowledge of being way older than Vianney is cute. Or as she says, "Be-on-ey." She wets her hair down in the bathroom several times a day. John and I noticed this week that she has been nursing her baby constantly, but has begun supplementing with bottles. She even uses a nursing cover. She usually follows me around the house saying under her breath, "Will you weed (read) to me?" She probably could give Julie Andrews a run for her money if they battled it out over the "Sound of Music" soundtrack. We are very serious about "I am sixteen going on seventeen." She has a fabulous sense of humor cracking us up at her cracking up and how she reports stories with her one hand and the other hand on her hip. She wears heels most days which is awkward at times because it takes her forever to get anywhere. I love how your face waits for me every morning in the big window when I am coming up the hill from walking. There is nothing better than your morning face, head, and hair! I love how you tell me every day that you "love my baby." I love that you now prefer to use your father's bathroom because the magazines are back there. I check on you to find you perched most days (with your legs crossed, of course) flipping through Better Homes and Gardens while you sit upon the throne. You ask us to watch you run "fast" several times a day. You are fast! I grew up with my grandmother saying, "I always want a two-year-old in my home!" So true. So true!
Thank you, Zellie for being in our lives! You are the perfect definition of


  1. These pictures are fantastic! I wish you'd come take pictures like these of my girls. I really need to get the camera out more.

    The one with the purple headband kills me! Love, love, love. But then I'm a big fan of girls in the birth-6 year old range, as you know :).