Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Gift of Sisterhood

There is no gift like sisterhood. We were all home a couple weeks ago for graduation. There is also no gift like that of a brother, but we'll do that later. For now, I am so grateful for my sisters. I am the oldest of the girls. I know we've had many times they view me as the "older sister" who is always talking to them about "something." I hope they know how much I love them and how much I only want the best for their soul.

Me, Kristin, Hilary, Samantha, Kathryn, Damaris, and Kellan @ Kathryn's graduation!

Me, Hilary, Kathryn, Kellan, Kristin, Damaris, and Samantha @ Kellan's graduation

Hilary thought it was a good idea to move to Florida last year. Not cool!

No one makes me laugh harder!

Hilary is married to Tim Gerrish. He is my favorite person in the whole world. Tim just finished his first year of law school at Ave Maria Law School in Naples, FL. Timmy will change the world. Just watch. I love him like a brother.

Sam has been my right hand man this year. I am so appreciative of all the times she has come over to be with my kids. They love her so much. Dominic says often, "Let's call Mammy to see if she can stop by."

Kristin is married to Jora. They have two children so far. Jora is the third oldest of 16 children. Yes, you heard me-----16! I thought we were big until I met his family. Such a privilege to meet them! His parents came from the Ukraine when they only had 8 children. Truly an amazing story! About a month ago, Kristin, Samantha, and my brother Dominic helped me paint my living and kitchen. They were good enough the next day to help me repaint it because it looked like we smeared grape jelly on the wall. They are good like that!

The three little sprouts. They have been a joy to watch grow up. John came into our family when Kellan was 3 years-old so it is crazy for him to watch them grow. They each take turns staying with us most summers. They have helped me through many babies! I wish they didn't have to get older.


  1. How cool! My Dad had 7 sisters and was the middle of the 3 brothers. All those aunts are so fun to have. Imagine the family reunions you'll have when you are all grandmas!

  2. You and your sisters are all beautiful! So fun to see such a beautiful family!!

  3. I love love love this post. Cheers to sisters, best friends, and the constant love and support God delivers through them!

  4. Hi, my name is Mary Ellen (maiden: Muir) Dougoveto, and I was suggested to look at your blog by a friend. I didn't know who you are, but have enjoyed reading your comments on motherhood as I am a new mom. I noticed that I recognized one of your sisters! I knew your sister, Kristin, at Steubenville. We were in our small group together at orientation and she was on a triple date with me (her date was Matt Covey) when I went on my 1st date with my husband! What a small world. You'll have to tell Kristin that I said HI and congrats on her family! Did you go to FUS too? Anyway...thanks for your inspirational words!

    Mary Ellen