Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heard today...

Rose came running up to me with a book with a picture of triplets. She exclaimed, "Mom, I've been wanting to show this to you. I wish you were having TRIB-Lets!"
John and I laughed and she said it again. "Can't we have TRIB-LETS!"

I put Zellie down for her nap and told her her hair looks lovely.
She said, "Thank you, but ACT-CHEW-WE (actually) it is messy."

Dominic asks me EVERY day what my favorite movie is, what my favorite food is, what Papa's favorite book is, what my favorite dog is, and if I could do one thing what would it be. I always say that I wish I could fly.


  1. My mother used to tell me about the dreams she would have of flying. She would sit with us around the breakfast table acting out her fantastic dreams...all making us want to fly someday on our own.

    It must be a mother 'thing.'


  2. Henry says "actually" the same exact way multiple times a day and each time I just smile my head off.

    I'm afraid of flying. My worst nightmares are of me up in the air.

  3. P.S. Write about the answers to Dominic's questions!