Monday, May 17, 2010

Living with a Puddle Duck

I can hardly believe you are over 14 months! You are beyond words! Your inner rhythm is deep into your soul. I had just you with me at Hy-Vee in your short purple shorts, no shoes, and pink top. Your hair was extra blond and curly today. The store had a rather jazzy tune on and you sat there emotionless, but jamming out with your shoulders. I did actually look around to see if anyone saw this perfection. Your thighs were just squished in the cart while your shoulders did all the moves! You aren't saying many words, but do say the phrase "Sue-Play-Plue" a hundred times a day. Your eyes are usually huge and you will look right at me and say "Sue Play Plue" and nod your head YES. I can't handle it most times.
Your Papa and I are convinced you watch "March of the Penguins" in your bed at night because you waddle just like them! A regular ole' Puddle Duck you are!

I had a moment of sadness like I do before every new baby that your little days are coming to an end. I actually feel my heart hurt and ache. I know everything will settle down once the new baby comes after the period of adjustment, but that loss of what once was is so painful for me.
God is so good to give us the love for each child no matter what number they are in the line up. You couldn't be more loved. Your Aunt Hilary surprised us and came home this weekend. She said you were our cutest yet. I reminded her that she says that every time.
It cracks me up how you play at the play kitchen. How many times can a baby open and shut the door to a little play kitchen? You are very agile and can handle stairs and getting down out of your high chair with much grace.
I could write a book to you. I love you too much! Thank you for being in our lives!

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  1. It's nice to hear someone else write of that sadness. I know that feeling and my heart aches when I look at my littlest, Rowena, who will be 17 months when our fourth comes in October. It makes it hard for me to look forward to the new baby. And then it does all work out. But still...