Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Spoonful of Sugar helps the Medicine Go Down

Mark Twain for Kids: His Life & Times, 21 Activities

We found this great book at the library that Dominic just loved. It provided all sorts of great facts and information about the events and happenings around the time of Mark Twain. One of the activities was regarding the medicines they used and made during those times. This was his favorite. He was determined to make these to help the different ailments in our family. We drove over to Walgreen's and they were so nice to him and gave him the medicine bottles because he was doing a school project. I love watching them talk to adults at different stores when they are in search of something.
He was very thoughtful in his medicines.
The first was for colds because Vianney had a cold. Make sure you shake well.
The second was Alermony for dandruff or rough skin. That was for anybody in the home especially Rose he said.
The third was Clorhall for backaches. That is what the book said.
The fourth was Chlorine to cure Rheumatism. He was determined to make this one.
He made up the names, but the book told him what the different ingredients would cure.

I love their handwriting.

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  1. Do I see a pharmacist in the making? What a smart and thoughtful young man! Thanks for sharing your joys!