Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clairvaux-One Month Old

HOW can you be one month already? Wasn't I just at the hospital and brought you home about an hour ago? I already can't remember what life was like without you. It is such an odd phenomenon. I LOVE this picture because it shows your true newborn head. I love the fuzz especially the fuzz around the side of your head and face. To me, this is brand new newborn-ness.
This picture with Rose also shows some traces of puffy eyes which depict newborn like qualities.
Yes, it is true. I spend my days passing you from person to person and telling them to find a pillow if they want to hold you.

The kids do NOT like when I burp her this way because they think I am choking her. They ask me to quit every time.
It is fascinating each day to notice that they wake up more and more.
Your birth has brought a new awareness to life. I have NEVER been more aware of how fast our time together is going. I've always been very aware, but never more aware if that makes sense. I love our days together. I love what God has asked me to do right now in my life. I am content to just be. I know my purpose is to be right here holding you, nursing you, and showing your siblings how important each baby is.

I've thought for some time that you have smiled, but you for sure, for sure smiled on your one month birthday. Every day you grace me with a couple. Your father commented a couple days ago while talking to you that you two need to stop ignoring each other meaning that you've only smiled for me. Today, you smiled at him. He likes you.

My #1 Favorite Thing about having a Newborn=Waking up to them passed out next to you in the morning. I love it. I love getting ready in the morning and looking over at our BIG bed only to see this little body sleeping peacefully.
She learned a lot today. Dominic loves her.

I love this. Big brother gently holding his little sister.

Zellie asks to hold you about as much as Lillie does and Lillie asks ALL THE TIME. She follows me around the house asking me if she can hold you even if you are sleeping in your bed. I was the exact same way as a little gal.

Oh boy, we are looking good. I guess the girls did their own hair today.

What a gerbil. Cute newborn feet and cute 3-year-old feet.You've already been read most of the books from the Library. Who says kids from big families don't get attention!


  1. That is one very loved little newborn. And with all the books she is being read, she will no doubt be brilliant too.

  2. so incredibly sweet. You are so good at capturing these moments on film! priceless!

  3. Isn't that true--your last statement: "who says kids from big families don't get attention?" Maria NEVER lacks attention! In fact, the kids bicker about who was talking to her first, whose turn it is to hold her or entertain her and they scramble to bring her toys and flock to her if she lets out so much as a peep of dissatisfaction. She may not have MY undivided attention, but that's not what life is about! You have given your children the most beautiful gift of all: one another.

    And that little Clairvaux is just beautiful. Her little fuzzy head nestled in her blankets makes me think of wonderfully warm, soft things. Mmm, mmm, mmm!

  4. This is truly a beautiful picture! All of the photographs on your blog have such a soft and wonderful quality to them. Great Job Lindsay...:)