Thursday, September 30, 2010

America...sung by the Boever Family singers

Zellie in all her glory. You need to watch 20 seconds into the video for sure.

Her version: "God shelled His grace on thee..."

Rose...the confident one...don't worry...I fixed the camera.

Lillie had prepared multiple pieces.

All three together. John said we don't have much hope of forming "The Boever Family Singers." We'll see when their voices mature (wink, wink). I love how Zellie watches them for clues. Lillie's skirt was causing her She gets that definately from her mother. Anybody who knows me knows my VERY famous college skirt tucked into my "me O' my's" walking about campus as if it weren't. darn.


  1. Oh my! OH MY! Let me give you the quotes that were being said throughout the videos:

    Joachim: Oh, I heard Dominic, but don't see him. (I think he hollered something)
    Elijah: Ohhh, there is Rose. (He then turns to Keith and I and smiles and does that tongue in his cheek think.....oh boy.
    Joseph: Well, I think I liked Lillie's...Lillie is the oldest in their choir!

    Oh my! OH MY!

  2. FUNNY...Andrew and I had a good laugh. Zellie is too much...when she sings the "America" part and has to go on her tippy toes.

  3. The funniest part is Vianney in the video of everyone singing together. You can see her throw a sweatshirt off the chair and make herself comfortable with a book. You weren't kidding about her being a book lover.