Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Binki Teeth

If your child uses the Soothie pacifier, you will know the best part is looking into the Soothie while it is in your child's mouth. I was changing Vianney in this very picture and made her laugh about something and I saw nothing but dimples and her teeth through her binki.

I find it quite amusing at times when I am changing a diaper (a major one at times) and they are just laying there continuing to play with their toys as if nothing was going on at the moment. Just removing the feed lot smell, don't mind me.

18 month old feet. Fat pads. I bet her feet are comfortable. They have a layer of squish on the bottom.


  1. Love it! Maria was my first baby to use a Soothie and I always got a kick out of looking into it and seeing her mouth move around it. She has since replaced it with her first finger. :)

  2. Marianne was my only baby to take a pacifier even briefly, but it was a soothie they gave us at the hospital. It always killed me to see her little mouth working inside.