Wednesday, September 15, 2010

He bakes and the other happenings of today

John has many talents. Whatever he does, he does it well and extremely thorough. My mom always says she loves watching John's fingers. He can make pizza crust better than Papa John's. He loves to cook and bake. His cookies are the best I've ever had. His mother is a fabulous baker so it must be genetic. He often has breaks in the day and is able to come home for a couple hours. WE love it. We ask him every morning, "Do you have any breaks today?" Our day is centered around his comings and goings.

These are his specialty: Ginger Cookies

One of my favorite sites: I know when he hangs his shirt over the couch he has a big break in his day and will be home for a while. Dominic always asks if they can bake cookies together.

The things I see during the day. Please notice that they are all nursing. Rose and Lillie are using cover ups and Zellie is a little awkwardly nursing like her mother. I wonder what they are chatting about.

Their chosen attire most days is their swimsuit. I wonder why. I might try that tomorrow or maybe not.

They mimic all that I do.

The usual post-lunch ritual. While I am cleaning up, they take their popsicle and sit on the swing set together. Everyday. It is funny to me at times how they go in and out of their interests and habits. Like this. Why did they start it? Who started it? What will make it end?

Clairvaux-8 weeks old.

I hear many times a day, "Mom, please come get Vianney. She is in our stuff."


I love the ensembles he puts together. He usually stages certain wars and somehow certain Disney characters are involved to some extent.

Today when going to Montessori, Rose asked if she could bring this backpack. This isn't unusual because she likes to bring it just to hang it up on the hook. It usually contains stuffed animals or play food. She can't open it at the school or anything, but I guess it's the whole process that is fun for her. Today, she brought about 30 dandelions. Precious. When I looked in there, I smiled and asked why dandelions. She replied, "I wanted to surprise Jane."


  1. A man who bakes had a very good mother. (I know.) I need to bake with my boys because I want them to bake for their families.

    I'm so glad you blog...that picture of them nursing their babies is absolutely priceless.

  2. Is anything as beautiful as seeing children excited for their father's return from work? Or from any outing for that matter - early mass or a quick evening errand. The reaction is almost always as amazing - "Daddy's home!!!" I love it.

  3. Always beautiful...I love that your girls are all nursing their babies...

  4. Sheesh, of our favorites...and to think I was mere feet away from the aroma! :) Those girls make me giggle. :)

  5. You should try housework while wearing a swim suit. It's fun. Your children are going to have absolutly wonderful memories of their childhood. Oh, and please call me to come over when John makes his ginger snaps.....they truly are THE BEST!!

  6. I LOVE the pictures of the girls nursing their babies. How precious! I have a video of Noah doing that very same thing with his sisters when he was about 3. I'll never tell him; it's my little secret. :)

    Love your post today!