Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just being with Lillie

It is always so good to spend time with each child alone. You really get a chance to talk with, look at, and just be together. You and I went on a date to Panera to get hot chocolate and to walk around the mall together.

Overwhelming to a six year old. "My own Hot Chocolate?"
Oh, the things we talked about. We had heavy discussions about the American Girl dolls and their lives. They are real to you, you see. I asked you which doll was your favorite. You said, "Samantha...because her dress is much prettier than Molly's Miss. Victory clothes." When you are playing with your sisters, I hear a lot of "If you let me have that pencil, I'll let you be Miss Victory." I learned that Zellie likes Felicity and wants to take swimming lessons at the YMCA. I laughed out loud at that one. Rose likes Molly best.

I then let you take over the camera. Quite a privilege. I let you snap photos of whatever you wanted. I think you took 300 photos at Toys R Us. Precious.
You said, "Let's be best friends forever."
We decided at this point to write down our favorite princess per your request. I said, "Let's ask each other question." You said, "Okay, who is your favorite princess?" You wrote Cinderella and Belle. They are mine too!

I wish I had the perspective of a child again. Was this tree a million feet tall to you??? Please remember?

This was your pick for favorite dress.

At one point, you turned to me and said, "I will see you in heaven. I will miss you in heaven." Gulp. I always getting a little lump in my throat when you say comments like that.

These are a few pictures showcasing your photo talents. Many things were captured to "show Rose" and "Ohhh, Dominic would love this." I watched you the whole time and gave you all the time in the world.

That's right. You and me.

Lovely. You are a queen to us.

Lillie, you are now 6 1/2 years old. You are getting so tall. You are doing so well in school. You LOVE math and reading. Your Papa and I think you will be a speed reader. You read so fast and fly through every book. You read a 367 page book in two days. It was non-stop and serious. You were very motivated. You have a great brain for math and piano. You are playing beautifully and I don't sit to practice with you anymore because you understand your pieces most of the time.

You are Dominic's Lego/ship building buddy. You can talk Star Wars with the best of them. You were telling us the other day about General Grevious' ship. Very funny. You and Dominic create ships at the table most days. You know the names of all the characters.

Lillie, I know at times it must seem I am on you a lot. I don't want to be. I want to be your gentle mother guiding you through the storms of life. I dream for you many, many wonderful things. I want you to be a lady and be like Our Lady. I want you to learn many wonderful things, experience all the beauty in the world, meet a wonderful man if it is your vocation or be a holy nun if that is your vocation. I want to help you when you are a mother. If God asked what we dreamed for you, it would be nothing but loveliness. If the cross comes your way, we want you to know that we are here to help you carry it. We want you to know how loved you, wanted you are, and treasured. I apologize for my shortcomings with you and hope that I always ask your forgiveness and that you too will learn the fine trait of asking forgiveness. My mother taught me that those words can heal many wounds. "Please forgive me." and in return "Of course, I forgive you. I love you. Can we start over?"

People always tell me how complimentary you are. It is true. You love life. You get so excited to do the smallest things. You enjoy friendship and are a good friend to people. You love babies, not only ours, but other peoples babies. You are always so quick to tell someone how nice they look, or that you love their purple sweater, or their shoes. You love movies especially the American Girl movies and believe in your head that you really are imitating the Miss Victory dance. Darling. Serious faces, please. Although, you are always up for the Lone Ranger, Leave it to Beaver, and are looking forward to the day we let you watch Star Wars.

Before Clairvaux was born, you and I went on a date to get your hair done, your nails painted, and to get a little treat. It was great to be with you. You picked bright green nail polish.

We picked up a drink at the Sonic and headed home. It was good to be with you. We are so proud of you.

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