Sunday, December 19, 2010


I came across this little diddy a couple days ago.

To Bring Up Children without Comparison

One is everlastingly comparing oneself with another, with what one is, with what one should be, with someone who is more fortunate.
This comparison really kills.
Comparison is degrading, it perverts one's outlook.
And on comparison one is brought up.
All our education is based on it and so is our culture.
So there is everlasting struggle to be something other than what one is.
The understanding of what one is uncovers creativeness,
but comparison breeds competitiveness, ruthlessness, ambition,
which we think brings about progress.
Progress has only led so far to more ruthless wars and misery than the world has ever known. To bring up children without comparison is true education.

by Krishnamurti Foundation of American

I found this beautiful when I contemplate each of my children and their gifts and struggles. Because Our Lord would have just died for me or any one person for that matter, EACH person has such a definitive plan. From a child's very beginnings, we are comparing them to a chart and how other babies their age are doing. We then do this little method the rest of their lives. How beautiful it would be to take each child as EACH child and focus on them, their gifts, their talents, and what God intended them to bring to the table. That is my goal. I want to travel down the little road not looking left or right and just be. I want to find contentment that God is developing them and will bring to them what they need. God is forming them perfectly.

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  1. Soooooooo true. Thank you for the reminder. I'm already judging Henry based on what William was doing as a three-year-old and it is simply not right. I never want my children to be measured against one another. I want them to be each other's biggest fans, not each other's yardsticks.