Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Lady of Guadalupe

I have always loved Our Lady of Guadalupe. Probably because of her love of the unborn. This feast day has been dear to my heart since I was a small child. We decided to have a little get together in her honor and invite our friends over to eat Mexican food and celebrate the wonderful gift of HUMAN LIFE.
It was grand!! We have been blessed with such good friends. We are all alike in many ways and all different in many ways, BUT we have one major thing in common-LIFE and the respect of it. Our little gathering turned quickly into about 65 people over for dinner.

The cake was huge and striped green, white, and red for the Mexican Flag.

What was incredible that out of 64 people attending 44 were small children. They all played until they couldn't play anymore. Nobody got hurt and they all played so well together. We watched a brief movie after a couple hours so the adults could grab a bite to eat and visit for a little bit.

I love that our friends love life. Through all the blood, sweat, and tears THEY LOVE LIFE. I wrote to some friends earlier this week that this "sisterhood" of motherhood is what men in the military must feel like. We are fighting a war. A great spiritual war is being waged for our soul and the souls' of our children. We are fighting it together. We are covering each others backs.

Children are such a gift. They are our future. They keep the world new and hopeful. I was listening to Mother Angelica for a brief moment today and she was speaking about each of us and our very being. She said, "God had to purposefully look at you and say 'YOU will be'." Our lives are such a gift.

Dear Johnny,
You are my right hand man! You make these wonderful events possible. Thank you for all your help, cheerfulness, and fun!


  1. I love the difference in this last pic--BEFORE the feast display and then the first pic up top! That table looks so grand with all that yumminess! :-)

  2. Thank you both again for opening your home up to us all! You bring such a joy and fun spirit into everything that you do! THanks for letting us be a part of it. You are a master Pollyanna cake maker.

  3. You are amazing. I'm sad we missed the fiesta of life!

  4. Lindsay - you're amazing. I seriously have to try the party-with-two-days-notice idea one of these days, because it was just as grand as if you'd spent weeks prepping for it. THANK YOU SO MUCH for hosting us all! You're amazing.

    Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

  5. I read this and I was not surprised at all that I could be thinking the very same thing and in fact have posted about it last night! You're so right when you talk about the sisterhood of motherhood. I am so blessed and I know it! There aren't words that describe the feeling of belonging when the common denominator is LIFE. (Now, I must find out how to obtain that energy that you have! :) )

  6. love the idea of a Mexican party to celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe's feast day!

  7. Great idea, Lindsay! I wish we could have joined you. Maybe next year! :) It is indeed beautiful to be friends with so many people who love life and love children. Nice cake, woman!

  8. God is an amazing creator and the wonder of His creation filled every corner, couch and potty chair in your home! Thank you for the special evening and inspiration!