Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Full of Zellie

You ooze with Zellie-ness. Your name fits you perfect.

Oh Zellie! To say your personality is fabulous in quite the understatement. You are fun to know.

I love how you call the refrigerator the fridge-a-gator.

You were concerned after mass on Sunday that we didn't shake (the sign of peace).
"Mom, how come we didn't shake?"
This picture captures all of our pictures of your older siblings. We can usually find your little peepers somewhere trying to be older. This was after their piano recital. I like how you joined in the picture as if you just performed. We couldn't convince you otherwise.

You are my mini-me. You look exactly like I did as a wee one.

This is a daily event also.

I still can't get over you and Sylvia. I can tell she enjoys you too. I always listen for you to run up to the door to hear the whole "Hola Zellie" ordeal. She smiles extra big at you. You are just another great reason to wake up in the morning.

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