Sunday, May 8, 2011

From your mother on Mother's Day

To my dear children,

It is as if a woman has two lives. One before they have children. The other begins once they have a child.

Upon becoming a mother, the life I once knew would never be the same again. For the rest of my earthly existence, I will be putting somebody else before myself. To me, that is why children are so good for humanity. They make us think of somebody else if we let them. They give us an opportunity everyday to grow in character, holiness, and virtue by simply answering their little needs. You know it is love when you give yourself so willingly without any monetary reward.
My life is for you. I am home for you to give you love, comfort, stability, guidnance, and reassurance. I stay at my post everyday in case that you need me. I correct only in hopes of making you a better person able to contribute back to your family, The Church, and the world.
To a mother, these messages are priceless. These tokens of love fill my heart. You were all playing outside the other day and I came out to check on you. Rose was smiling beautifully and said, "I wrote you a note." Rose Boever, I'll love you 'till the day I die.

Is it hard? Of course it is. Sometimes, it is unfathomably hard. Anything that is worth while is hard. Usually, my hard days with you come out of worry and not trusting that our Good Lord sees all. I've confessed many times my lack of trust. Each of you are so very special that if one of you were gone, a hole would fill our family that is irreplaceable. God made me for you and you for me. You lived within me for nine months. I can remember the day I found out I was expecting each of you. You were all very, very wanted and loved from the very first moments of knowing you were coming into our family. We rejoiced at each birth and thanked God for the gift of this new person. You each were kissed millions of times.

You will never know the extent of how I watch each of you. I see everything. I am an observer by nature. I watch you sleep. I watch you eat. I watch you play. I watch you learn. I watch you swing, ride your bikes, talk to each other. I am constantly looking at your father to see if he is catching what I am catching.
Each of you has a specific role in our family. Each of you has a specific role in God's heart. He had to look at you and will you. You were made for a specific point in history to do something great and ultimately be with God in heaven. Why did God make You? To know Him, to Love Him, and to serve Him. That is why you were created.
(We were all outside washing cars and Lillie decided she wanted to make me something for Mother's Day. She was gone for quite some time. I wish I would have been watching from a far on this one. She made a banner and taped it to the mantel. It read "Happy Mom Day. I love Mom." She was beaming with pride. She taped it to the mantel because that is what they did at my baby shower. Capital C. Capital U. Capital T. Capital E.
As always, I am honored to be your mother. My life is for you. I am so glad each of you were born. I couldn't love you more.