Sunday, June 26, 2011

May Day 2011

I detest back blogging, but me and uploading current photos are not getting along so I've been putting off blogging because it is penance to recap old happs. To not be conquered by insubordinate cords, I will continue on.

We now revert to May Day. It was delightful. Holy Smokes. The equivalent emotion is Christmas Eve night. They are so very excited to deliver the May Day baskets, knock on the door, run away, and wonder for hours if they knew if it was us or not.

Zellie wouldn't knock on the door so she begged me to come.

Oh, Nelly. Run little legs run.

Rose was trying so hard to get away fast that she would lean to barely touch the door and then run.

Dominic running away from the Bishop's house.

We also participated in our third track meet. Always a lively event.

Since Rose was little, we always said "Rose loves to Run." She does. If I go to pick up our mail, Rose always asks to jump out of the car and run home. If John goes for a run, count Rose in. She loves to run. She was 110% adorable at the track meet. Her best event was the 200 meter dash. She started out in the third lane and by the 100 meter mark she is in the lead, pumping her little arms and John and I are cheering like complete idiots (of course, tearing up too). She looks over at us and smiles and keeps running.

Lillie loves the social side of track and field. So many little girls to meet, so little time.

Our big 11 month old. Let see...what is Clairvaux up to? She can say Papa. She points at everything as if she is saluting Hitler. She mouths the crucifix. I always say to her in my weird voice, holding her up to the crucifix "Oh, Jesus does love her. Give Him a smooch." She puts her little mouth on the crucifix and is overwhelmed with giddiness.

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