Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let Freedom Ring

The Fourth of July always provides the best setting for good pictures. The kids are tan, sweaty, the outside lighting is perfect, the colors of the Fourth are perfect, the colors of the different foods are vibrant, the flower bed are full and bright, and the kids are in a state of perfect happiness with no need to even say "Smile at the Camera."
They say Freedom is not Free. So true. With the increasing push to remove God from all parts of civilization we need to reflect upon what life was like in civilizations before Christianity began.
We spent the weekend at a family wedding in Kansas City. Upon arriving back in Lincoln, the neighborhoods were bursting full of epic warzones full of fireworks.
I love America's attitude on the Fourth. I feel it is the one day that the country unites and celebrates life and freedom together. We sat with friends for part of the evening. Upon returning home, we sat in our driveway and then rooftop to watch the skyline lined with color. May God Bless America.

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