Monday, August 8, 2011

A little bit of Vianney by my side

Vianney's just that kind of kid that is fun to look at and upon further hearing inspection of her voice, she's just fun to listen to.

Her soft, white blond curls are any mother's dream. She is just an easy kid to have around. Not that she never loses her cool, but she's easy to calm down. She just flows with our go.

I overheard her talking to Clairvaux the other day. The conversation went as follows after Clairvaux dumped her bowl of food onto the ground.

Vianney (in a firm tone):
"Cware, don't drop bowl over side, UNNER-TAN ME?"

She then realized her approach was a bit firm, so she very quietly repeated herself and got very close to Clair's face.

"Cware, don't drop bowl over side, unner-tan me?"

We decided to take her to see an ENT doctor because she snores like Darth Vader and is a mouth breather which is an indication of enlarged tonsils/adenoids/etc., etc. Sure enough, she was a "4+" on both her little punching bags, but they want to wait to take them out until she is older because of certain risks. I find that if I keep dairy products away from her she seems to do a bit better. So for now, she won't be much fun to have as your hide-and-seek partner because she is a heavy breather and will give you away every time. Just listen for the breathing.

I love you just the same.

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