Tuesday, October 4, 2011

From LOW maintenance to NO maintenance

(Disclaimer: We ALL thought she was adorable, precious, cute as-is, our favorite, lovely, BUT our hair was growing in a bit on the side of nappy so my sisters decided to take matters into their own hands) We "heard" from some reliable source (our mother) that if you give them a good cut or buzz when they are little, their hair will grow in twice as soft and luxurious.

AFTER: (get ready)
Do you blame us? Look how she taunts! She knows it looks good and she gained an extra roll in the process. Off with her hair! She'll never know and only thank us if she ever becomes a hair model. It does make one wonder what the Pantene Pro-V hair models looked like as young children?


  1. Wait! It'll grow in even softer and more luxurious?! Did you do that to your kids. Imagine the potential! :)

  2. no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who????????????? Oh dear...................
    P.S. love, love the picture!! This is an Eck family picture for sure. I told Lindsay I want to TRY and take a good picture of us, then I want pictures of the crazy eck kids how the normally pose!!!!

  3. Adorable picture! Do you ever look at pictures and think, how can they really be all mine? You're starting to look like a big family you know!!!!!!! And getting bigger....yay!