Monday, October 3, 2011

Now isn't that Sweet?

I glance down the hall to see this lovely view! I thought, "Oh, how sweet. John is reading to Rose. Then I thought, "Why is John reading to Rose in the hallway?"

So, I walk a little closer and realize Zellie is there too. I continue to ponder "How sweet! He is reading to Rose and Zellie in the hallway. Why is he reading to Rose and Zellie at the end of the hallway?"

I now walk in front to see two little joeys tucked in the pouch enjoying the book also. Look at that little marsupial!

She says "Dis!" (this) to everything or "Babies!" Over and over and over. The little spark likes to read though and will sit still forever. Our favorite book though is "Water Babies." The end is always thrilling when we say "Water babies love the deep blue sea."