Friday, January 20, 2012

A little note on being a lady by my grandmother

She is a endless fountain of knowledge and wise advice. From child-rearing, being a wife, running a home, raising multiple children, and the faith life, her advice smacks you like nothing else. I tell her every time we talk to write a book, but she won't. She always says she has nothing to teach. It is just the ways women were back then. Man, if she only knew.

She was such a lady and still is. All woman back then were. The only thing they knew was how to be like Audrey Hepburn. Grace, elegance, and class.

She told me this little gem a while back:

"You girls these days. You march into Church like you are leading your family somewhere. When we were married and raising children, your grandfather led his family into Church and into the pew of his choice. I followed him. That was proper back then. Let him pick. Let him lead his family. It will make him proud."

Such a little thing, but her words as always melted into my heart. I had never given any thought to such an issue before that. We would walk into mass. John and I would look at each other and discuss where we should sit based on the squirrel-of-the-day. After she told me this, I made up my mind to follow him to where ever he wanted to sit. So the next week, he looked at me and I said, "I'll follow you, honey." Don't ask my "Why?" because I don't know why, but I do know that for some reason this is special to him. He is leading us into Church and he is leading us to heaven.

And I want him to know "I will follow you!"


  1. Best blogger ever.

  2. totally cried!! Great post, Grandmothers are GRAND!!!

  3. Beautiful! Aren't Lady Like grandma's just great!

  4. Your family is truly blessed with the gift of wisdom and words! Would I love your grandmother just as much as I already do your mother?? I'm sure I would. Don't be surprised to see the same from the Andreasen family next weekend at church when we walk in. Love it! All of it! :)