Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nativity Set Play

I remember reading once on someone's blog that during Christmas she had several nativity sets around the house for her children to play with. During garage sale season, I have come across several sets that are just perfect for their little hands. Vianney played with ours all Christmas.

I hope that will be a sweet memory for them when they are older. "When I was little, I remember my mother having nativity sets all over our house that WE COULD PLAY with."

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  1. I started doing that this year too. My 4yo loved playing with the nativity set and would show relatives via skype baby Jesus each and every day.
    Your children are so precious and I love reading about how you mother. Your post about relaxing for the first few months after adding a baby to the family changed my thinking and lead to a much more contended post-partum after my last baby. Thankyou :)