Sunday, January 8, 2012

Test Ready Dominic

We had left over curriculum books from last year that I had in a pile to donate. Dominic was milling through the stack when he found an old "Test Ready" book that we used for testing at each semester.

"Mom, Can I please have this?" Sure. You go right ahead and do that.

Later that evening, we were heading out to dinner. The kids were already in the car and I was inside wrapping a few things up. Dominic came back in saying, "I want to bring my testing book so I can work on it while we wait for food." Sure. You go right ahead and do that.

The fun continued all week. How little he knows how much we enjoy watching the innocence of his youth! I know he is 9 years old, but he still does such innocent incidents as these. It makes me feel like he isn't growing up "so" fast.
I was also sorting through our coloring books and throwing out those that were full. He approached me quickly saying, "Please don't throw out my Test Ready book."

Again, in the evening while watching his new favorite, Tim Tebow, play football. I love that he brought the test book out while watching his favorite football player. Two loves. Thank you for the joy you bring to our lives through your joy of filling out testing booklets.

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