Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vianney on the PT

I've been waiting to potty train Vianney until after her surgery. I tried a couple months ago, but she nor I was ready to do the job.

I am so glad we waited. John had the weekend off so we decided to go for it. She caught on right away. We are on day #4 and she has been dry all day and during naps. She also does the big job which is a big deal. She had one accident with the big job and I showed it to her and that was enough to convince her the rest of her life. She was absolutely appalled.

She is our fifth child to potty train within the first day or two so I do feel confident we got the method down in most regards. What advice can I pass on to you?
I guess it probably depends upon your temperament as a mother. I would rather wait until we can teach them in a couple days instead of battling it for months. I always wait until John is home for a couple days so that at least one of us can be dedicated at all times the first few days to taking and teaching her.

The first few days I set the timer for 15 minutes and sit her on the toilet regardless. I give them lots of fluids so they "have" to go and can't hold it. We have our potty treats sitting right by the toilet to motivate.

Once we feel she has the method down and starts telling us on her own, I stop setting the timer. As for the big job, that has always been a little trickier because we laugh that "they own that part of their life." We watch her like a hawk and can tell when it is pending. The first few times is traumatic because they are use to standing instead of sitting down. I gave her books to read and she finally went. Each day gets better and better.

I still put a pull-up on at night, but will work on that next after we have this down. It usually involves just taking them once before we go to bed if they are having trouble staying dry.

I am always grateful when potty training goes smoothly. My mother tells horror stories of potty training. She hated it so I am so grateful God has blessed me with this road so far.

We always laugh seeing their little buns in underwear the first time.


  1. That is... incredible. Do you guys offer weekend bookings when people can send their children to you to be trained? Truly, I am in awe.

    I keep starting sentences I can't complete because I'm so envious of how smoothly potty training goes for you. (I was going to go to confession soon anyway).

    Also, I'm highly distracted by the pictures of Vianney in that hat. It should be the cover of a cd or something. Too much cute for one photo.

  2. Ditto to Staci. I will pay you a large sum of money to train Elliot for me. Packing his suitcase now.