Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Clairvaux's 2nd Birthday

Clairvaux turned two on Sunday.  She was so excited every time somebody told her "Happy Birthday, Clairvaux!"  She would say it back to you. 
She picked out this little red number by herself to wear.
We've decided for their birthdays to take them out the night before all by themselves to dinner and to a store to pick out their birthday gift. The next day will be the big family party. Their birthdays are just as fun for the siblings involved so I wouldn't want to leave them out.
She picked Target. She handed John flashcards for about 15 minutes. She picked up every pack, looked at the cover, stated what was on the cover, and then handed them to John to hold.
It was funny to just see one child in the car seat. She knew something was up.
It really was fun just to follow her around. I kept giggling like a little girl watching her shuffle along with John and I trailing behind her.
She thought this dog was real. If you pet the back of the dog, it would wimper. She kept saying "Puppy cry" and was overly concerned.
Clearance socks took a good amount of time. She touched every one.
Show off.
What will you bet she had to sit on every red ball down the row? Happy Birthday, Clairvaux...you get to ball sit for how ever long you want. It really is beautiful to just have one child out by themselves. They get to do the things you don't usually have time for. They also get to see a different side of you.
Scandalizing her parents.
She walked on every curb back to the car with ridiculous balancing skill.
For some reason, I am not very good at posting about their birthdays. I found pictures of her first birthday. I realized I hadn't posted about it last year.
I do remember at that time she wasn't eating a lot of table food, but she devoured her cupcake in 2 seconds.


  1. O I love her. Happy Birthday.


  2. But we all want to know....what toy did she pick out?

  3. How sweet! And such a good idea.

  4. this comment is from mech...... Dear Doctor Church pants, nice pic of you at Target!! "and a lovely thannnnnngggg she is tooooo!" --

  5. Deo gratias! We have a birthday tradition of dates with mom and dad. We cherish those moments. The littles often opt out of one on one dates. It always amazes us how much the little ones desire to share their celebration with their siblings.

    May you continue to enjoy this precious time with your gifts from God.