Friday, July 27, 2012


We started a tradition about a year ago that has become something our family looks forward to every Monday evening. Last fall, we had a couple busy weeks in a row so we headed to our favorite local pizza joint to eat. Ever since then, Monday has become our day to always eat at Piezano's. Also, I starting using Monday as my catch up and cleaning day so it really is a perfect way to end the day. John and I look forward to it as much as the kids do.
Even Aunt Damaris confessed that she too looks forward to our Monday outing. She told me she gets excited on Sunday evening because she knows the next day is pizza day.
We've developed quite the rapport with our waitress. She knows what each of the kids like to drink. She has our table all set up and ready to go when we come complete with a high chair and booster seat. She even handprints a "Reserved" sign for our table.
We get the same thing every week.  We order 4 individual hamburger pizzas and two kid pasta plates and a ten-inch Chicken Tuscany pizza minus the green olives per Johnny Boy's request. The table is covered with paper and crayons to draw with while you are waiting. I wish I could have kept some of our creations.
Lillie does the crossword puzzle every time. It is the same one every time, but she hunts for the words.
The real reason the kid's love Piezano's. Everybody gets a little packet of candy mints after the meal. Even Clairvaux watches and waits for the waitress to deliver the treats and with lightening fast hands usually snatches all of the candy before her siblings get one.
Some times, we switch up our order and order Piezano's famous Canadian bacon and cream cheese pizza.